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12 Ways Custom Project Management Software Saves You Money

By Samuel Klusmeyer - Last Updated on 02/28/2022
How many management software subscriptions do you have? We see most companies using a Frankensteined collection of different tools like Monday or Asana for project management and Zapier for API connections. Now ask yourself, how much do you pay every month for that 'privilege?' 

We see businesses signing up for many services to create a workflow that’s 'good enough.’

There are hundreds of management software solutions available to your business. Each charges its own recurring fees. Worse, every management software solution is too 'something.'

  • Too Complex
  • Too Simple
  • Too Expensive
  • Too Upkeep Intensive

YOU are not the target customer of these management apps and software solutions. They don't know what you care about, the data you use, or how you use their product.

Software solutions designed for the average customer can never address your needs.

What Is a Management Software or App?

Management software and apps come in many forms and have many applications. You can use management software for project timelines, customer onboarding, time tracking, etc.

Using the Right Automations Often Feels Like Finding the Missing Link
Using the Right Automations Often Feels Like Finding the Missing Link
Just know that the project management solution your business needs depends on your projects and workflow.

We always recommend hiring a web developer to create a custom automated business management solution. The cost and scope creep inherent in renting project management software will far outweigh the cost of custom development.

You'll be paying for a stable, automated management process you'll never have to pay for again.

We’ve collected our 12 favorite benefits of developing custom business management software below. We're excited to help you break the vicious cycle of canned business automation.

1. Connect Your Most Important Management Tools

You've probably heard of automation software like Salesforce or Zapier. These business automation software solutions play middle-man between different aspects of your business. They hook to contact forms and email services using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Unfortunately, these programs cost time to learn and money to license. This is true even though APIs (the magic behind this game of telephone) are almost always FREE TO USE.

We can't recommend leasing technology to use a free tool. Instead, we want to help you cut at least one recurring payment from your books. Tell us what you use, and we'll hook your project management solution to your website using their APIs.

Even one will help you condense your workflows.

2. Increase Your Information Security

Custom management software allows businesses to share secure data. We store all information your customers submit on a secure server. So, their data will change hands less, decreasing the margin for error.

We treat the most sensitive types of information—like card numbers—with even more care.

In fact, if you hire us to build a business management software or app, we have a streamlined workflow. Your customer's information will often only change hands when they submit it.

3. Reduce Errors In Your Work Flow

Working without automation will always increase costs and human error.

Automated form filing and reporting can secure your company against mistakes and unnecessary expenses.

Recently, we had a client who worked with us to automate at least one full-time employee's worth of busy work. Now their workforce is free to work on more critical tasks. 

We can help you track progress and secure your business against human error better. Move away from inefficient operations with a custom management software solution.

4. Increase Morale With a Business Automation

Repetitive and menial work isn't necessary if you have the right business automation. To our team of web developers, that's awesome. After all, no one likes 'the grind.'

Better yet, reducing a creative team member's busy work gives them time to flex the skills you hired them for. They get to explore the passions that brought them to your door in the first place. We've found that this leads to a net positive impact on productivity in your workplace. 

Keep your business moving forward with a custom management tool.

5. Build a Consistent Customer Experience

Reducing uncertainty in your customers' journey is an excellent path to more conversions. We've built automated systems, like custom schedule consultation forms, for many businesses.

These forms give customers peace of mind. They allow users to choose a meeting time and fill out relevant information. Once submitted, the form sends a welcome email and alerts your team. This brings everyone up to speed and takes care of your customer with almost no effort.

In short, automation in a customer-facing process creates consistency for repeat customers. When your clients know what to expect, they're more likely to continue coming back.

6. Make Your Hiring Process More Efficient

Are you still using a paper employment application? Paper applications take up unnecessary space, are easy to lose and place a barrier between you and applicants.

Recruiting sites like Indeed screen resumes for what that site views as 'professional.' The consequence is clear, your team is missing out on talent. 

Automating the job application process places a job listing board on your site. Applicants can upload their resume and cover letter, and fill out a form with contact info. It also places a database in your website that stores every job submission you've received.

Decrease the barriers for your future employees and start hiring better talent.

Our Employment Submission Form
Our Employment Submission Form

7. Build an Easier Timecard Solution

Time card software can often be confusing and pricy. Our app development team can work with you to create a web-based time recording solution.

Build an easy-to-use time clock, time tracker, or time management software for your employees. Then, integrate your website with your accounting software to auto-process payroll.

8. Automate Inventory Management for eCommerce

Does your POS system or inventory management software have an API like Shipton's Big R's? We can create business automation for your eCommerce website.

We can also collaborate with U.P.S. or FedEx to manage your incoming and outgoing products. After all, the correct API will allow us to integrate with almost anything. 

Reduce the amount of time you spend on resource management. Spend more time working on your business.

9. Automate The Restaurant Ordering Process

An automated order management system built into your website might be what you need. We can link an online ordering portal to your restaurant's Point of Sale (P.O.S.) system.

Once integrating into your existing P.O.S. is complete, orders placed on your website will print as tickets. Stop paying high premiums with ChowNow or Eat Street.

10. Business Management Tools Improve Customer Support

Our Website's Live Chat Function
Our Website's Live Chat Function

Customers are calling direct lines less. Instead, customers are consistently opting for contact forms or live chat.

Our app development team can build you a chat system. In fact, we recently embedded a live chat widget on our own site. Now, our client support team can talk with potential customers in a low-stress, high-impact way.

11. Management Software Helps You Stay Profitable For Longer

Every business needs to plan for growth. That means answering pressing questions. Questions like:

  • Can we afford to hire an employee to only handle data entry?
  • Can our business scale from a sole proprietor, to a small team, to a larger corporation with our current tools?

For many businesses, that answer is—unfortunately—a resounding no. Growth creates more processes and activities you need to manage. Automation solutions like we build help you keep that increase in overhead manageable. 

Custom management software designed for your business and integrated with a custom management app and portal like My JTech will help you succeed.

12. Management Software Informs Your Business Decisions

Data is everything for businesses. Invest in a way to capture historical data about your business to inform your future. This can mean:

  • Sales Reports & Receipts
  • Refund Requests
  • Time Spent on Task
  • Contact Submissions

No matter your industry, gathering data is vital to increasing profits. So, what kind of information would you like your management software to track?

How Would You Use Management Tools to Improve Your Business?

We want our customers to be faster and better informed than their competitors. So, we're devoted to helping them achieve their goals with business automation and custom management software. There is no better method for sustainable growth.

How would a custom project management tool or business automation improve your workflow? Reach out to us with our built-in chat or our schedule consultation form!
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