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Hand-Forged For Your Business
The JTech web app development team has seen first-hand how much our technology and expertise will drive success while streamlining your workflows. If you use multiple pieces of software to do business online, your business will benefit from a custom web app.

Our web-based custom apps are customizable to whatever you may need. Every web app is integrated with your existing systems to provide an easy-to-use interface for you and your customers.

Work with our Bozeman-based app development team to revolutionize your business. 
Bring Your Ideas To Life
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Illustration of a man working out a big idea on paper

Bring Your Big Idea to Life

Our team will partner with you to bring your ideas to life while creating an easy-to-use web app that benefits your business. From improving efficiency, impressing customers and providing logistical solutions, our Bozeman team is ready to help you develop a custom web app for your business. 

What is a web application?

A web application is a program that automates, adds interactivity to, or assists users as they make use of a web based property inside of a 

Illustration of a man working out a big idea on paper

One Tool for Everything

A web app is like a swiss army knife for your business. A well-designed web app allows you to manage and control everything you need—from anywhere.

We have worked with businesses of all sizes across Montana build web apps that change how they do business. Whether you need something that runs without the internet or gives you long-distance control, the JTech team will bring your dreams to reality.
Want to know how we've already done this for clients throughout Montana?

Integrated With How You Already Do Business

Here are a few examples of the products and services we’ve already incorporated into apps: 

Automate Your Business

We have helped businesses reach their long term goals through custom app development tailored to their business. We have created custom apps that streamline tasks, reduce employee effort, and make admin a breeze—saving time and money.

Find out how a custom app from the JTech team could streamline your business by filling out our contact form!
See how we’ve helped businesses like yours reach long-term goals faster, save time, and save money with our Bozeman app development.

What’s Included With Your Custom App


  • An in-depth discovery process to understand your goals, business model, and the necessary features that will make your Bozeman app development successful
  • Assistance creating a monetization strategy so your app generates revenue
  • A comprehensive roadmap to your app’s features, functions, and databases
  • Project phasing and scaling to meet your budget and timeline


  • JTech’s web app development standards-based framework and ethics, ensuring your app is stable and secure
  • Fortune 500-level responsiveness for your customers. Instead of a webpage, your tool will be built with 100% AJAX programming by our Bozeman app development team so it feels “app-like.”
  • Next level optimization, so your app is fast and low-latency.


  • UI mockups for each of your app’s pages
  • A detailed layout of your customers' journey, using our in-house information architecture from our expert MT web design team.
  • Built with a tailored, scalable, and consistently implemented design philosophy
  • Fully accessible UX following the most recent global and local MT web design and development best practices


  • Managed and hosted by JTech, the same MT web design team that developed your app
  • Worry-free JTech managed domain name registrars, TSL certs, and more
  • Free bug fixes over the life of your business
  • 24-hour security monitoring and reporting


  • We want to be your trusted MT web design business partner, providing ongoing app development and support
  • Ongoing strategy reviews with our Bozeman web app development team to further tailor your app to your evolving business
  • Prompt and professional customer service whenever you need support

Bring Your Ideas to Life

Streamline the day-to-day operations of your business with a JTech™ custom app development strategy. Your business deserves to thrive—start building a web app with the JTech team today.