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Not many web development agencies can say they’ve been in business since the dawn of the internet—JTech Communications can. We started our own journey over 24 years ago as a Bozeman web developer, partnering with local businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profits and thought leaders, serving as a trusted technical partner capable of sustaining their success.
Working with our amazing customers to harness technology to help their businesses grow is what motivates us.  Every time we're told how beneficial their project has been to them it reaffirms how much we love what we do.

Your partners in mastering business online.

We are driven by our belief that everyone deserves superior technology to grow and automate their business, build their community and save time and money, ultimately improving their bottom line. We are a skilled team of Bozeman web designers, developers, copywriters, digital marketers and visionaries creating the things you wish existed to make your life easier. Our sites are built to grow and our team is here to support you beyond the finish line.

We love living and working in Bozeman, MT. The mountains are close, the people are friendly, and as Steinbeck so poetically put it, it is a town where people will “undertake the passing art of neighborliness.” We like playing our part in helping business of Montana expand and improve.
Working with our amazing customers to harness technology to help their businesses grow is what motivates us.  Every time we're told how beneficial their project has been to them it reaffirms how much we love what we do.
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Career Opportunities

Client Relations Specialist

JTech Communications is looking for an experienced, full-time Client Relations Specialist who will be an integral part of our team. Our business is founded on our relationships with our clients and our CRS is responsible for providing exceptional service to our clients through: helping clients improve their online presence, assisting and fulfilling change requests and providing technical support as needed. In addition to responding to client requests, the CRS will proactively look for ways to foster successful long-term client relationships through scheduled strategy meetings and other client retention specific efforts.

Back-end or Full-stack Web Developer

JTech is looking for the right person to join us as a Back-end or Full-stack Web Developer. We need someone who has experience developing websites using PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML...
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Our Team

Skilled visionaries in pursuit of your success.
Meet our diverse crew of farmers, mountain climbers, HAM radio enthusiasts, gamers and animal-lovers. We are united by our passion for quality work, good clients and a working coffee machine.
Joshua Reynolds, President and Founder

Joshua Reynolds

President and Founder
Josh is the President and Chief Architect of JTech Communications, which he founded in 1997. He has over 25 years of experience in management, Internet systems, information architecture, and web technology.
Patrick Milvich, VP Technology

Patrick Milvich

VP Technology
Patrick is Vice President of Technology and has over two decades of programming experience. He serves as JTech’s lead programmer and system administrator, applying his technical skills to building highly performant custom websites and web applications for clients.
Katie Jenkins, Marketing Director

Katie Jenkins

Marketing Director
Katie has worked as a Marketing Director in Gallatin and Park Counties for over 15 years, guiding businesses with strategic direction and their marketing initiatives. She has expertise is in strategic vision, growing clients’ digital presence, marketing tone, and communicating brand messaging on and off-page.
Nikki Reynolds, Finance Director

Nikki Reynolds

Finance Director
Nikki is JTech’s Financial Officer who has been with the company from nearly the beginning. She manages all client billing, helping them with any related questions, and she has over 20 years of financial management, bookkeeping, and banking experience.
Felix Wolfstrom, Senior Designer

Felix Wolfstrom

Senior Designer
Felix is JTech's Senior Designer and has over a decade of experience with branding, animation, illustration, user interface, and user experience design. His expertise is at the intersection of branding and functionality, making experiences easy, beautiful and memorable.
Samuel Klusmeyer, Content Specialist

Samuel Klusmeyer

Content Specialist
Samuel graduated from Montana State University with a degree in English composition and work experience focused on copy and communications in 2019. He's motivated to meet clients where they are to help them with their composition needs. That can mean anything from copy editing to building a strong, clear, and branded tone.
Connor  Bergin, Digital Marketer

Connor Bergin

Digital Marketer
Connor has freshly Graduated from Montana State University and is motivated to put his technical, analytical and marketing skills to work for JTech's clients. His passion for people and the community are what drive him each day.
Deanna Dalton, Digital Marketer

Deanna Dalton

Digital Marketer
Deanna is a current student at Montana State University studying Business Marketing. She focuses her time on PPC, SEO and content marketing campaigns.
Robin Hickman, Developer

Robin Hickman

Robin is a developer who studied Computer Science at MSU and has built custom software for businesses. He is responsible for building client websites and managing domain registrations. He also has a photography background so he also helps with project photography.
Zachary Lowen, Developer

Zachary Lowen

Zach is a developer who loves working on web technology, including system administration with Unix based systems. He is behind many of the websites and applications that JTech develops for its clients, including the server-side that supports them.
James Hubbell, Graphic Design Intern

James Hubbell

Graphic Design Intern

Our Partners

We could not offer the quality we are able to provide for our clients without the support of our expert partners. Over the years, we’ve formed close partnerships with trusted local businesses to ensure you receive the best branding, IT assistance and credit card processing services available.
Hardy Brands
WolfGuard IT
REM Solutions

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We have a proven track record with helping businesses of all sizes achieve success in the online space. We'd love to apply our 24 years of experience in web design and digital marketing to your business. Reach out today for your no-hassle consultation with one of our experts.