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In order to succeed, you must promote your business online with as much effort as you do your storefront. Search engines are an effective marketing tool to drive targeted traffic to your website through Search Engine Optimization.

Our digital marketing team offers premier Montana SEO services using numerous industry methods and analytics tools to ensure your business achieves and maintains a strong position on the first page of search results.  This ensures your brand and business is available to those who are looking for your products and services.

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What SEO Can Do For Your Business

Provide value, credibility and higher ranking.

To best position you in front of your customers, JTech will create an ongoing marketing strategy that includes a combination of content marketing, keyword research and long-term link building efforts to help support your goals, all supported by data-driven performance measurement. With the reporting services we provide, there is a transparent correlation between the money you spend and the results you get.

Although the subject of SEO is complex, our team of digital marketers will debunk the mystery and develop a strategy that will make your business visible in search results. We’ll craft a custom campaign for your site that supports your long-term goals and keeps you visible and relevant to people looking for your services.

What SEO Can Do For Your Business
What SEO Can Do For Your Business


Technical SEO is comprised of your site’s page performance, sitemaps, code optimization, URLs and other technical aspects that Google’s algorithm uses. Our sites are built with our lean framework and a focus on technical SEO, making them unlikely to suffer from a drop in search ranking due to poor performance — something we often observe in common template sites.


On-page optimization is the ongoing effort of updating your content and metadata to improve your search results. Professionally optimization content emphasizes words and phrases that help Google show your site prominently — and reads naturally for your customers so they are engaged with what you have to say. Getting this right is key to attract, but also convert visitors into paying clients. As your Bozeman SEO partner we will work with you to create an on-page optimization plan to help you reach your goals.


Off-page SEO focuses on actions taken beyond the content on your website to impact your rankings within search engine results pages. It includes link building, your online reputation including customer reviews left on Google, Yelp and Facebook, your activity on social media and other efforts that Google takes into consideration.


The purpose of content marketing is to provide value and drive traffic to your website in the form of blog posts, expert articles, social media posts, podcasts, videos, webinars, infographics, ebooks, and much more. We can devise an ongoing content market strategy that attracts readers and supplements your search ranking.


Applying keywords is a careful balance of being indexable by Google and readable by humans. As apart of our Montana SEO services, our expert digital marketers and copywriters join forces to both research keywords used in your industry, and apply them organically to your site.


Link building is the effort of getting other businesses, directories, and organizations to link to your website so you can gain authority in your industry. Ultimately, it boosts your search engine ranking and helps to drive additional traffic to your site from external sources.

Be Found Locally

Most customers will visit or call a business after first reaching for them online directly from a search engine. Search engines provide results based in part on your location, which makes optimizing your site for local search and submitting your business to local directories a top priority. We’ll get you in the important local business directories and apply keywords to your site so that you appear in the communities you serve.

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Be Found Globally

Put your idea in the spotlight.

In addition to being found locally, some big business ideas require a global reach. This is where industry-targeted keywords and link building come into play. By applying carefully-researched industry keywords and phrases throughout your content and publishing articles that establish yourself as an authority in your industry, we can increase your ability to capture an audience on a global market. We’ll launch powerful ad campaigns that will reach your audience no matter how far across the globe they are.

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Be Found Globally

Measure and monitor your progress with custom reports.

Monthly and quarterly analytics and SEO reports ensure you are on-track with your business goals and give you the data you need to make informed decisions. We are proactive, keeping an eye on changing algorithms and reacting as needed to keep you ahead of the competition.


Our team uses Analytics to track the performance of these marketing efforts so you can see a direct correlation between your digital marketing budget and the new customers you have gained. By monitoring metrics like where visitors are leaving your site, which keywords are popular and which inbound links are most successful, we can adjust your personal SEO plan over time.


Supplementing every digital marketing strategy are regular reports to show your progress against competitors. We’ll take the mystery out of ongoing digital marketing so you can keep moving forward with confidence.


Start making informed marketing decisions with an ongoing strategy. Our team of Bozeman SEO experts will meet with you regularly to discuss what’s changed in your business and industry, what’s working, what isn’t, and what changes we’ll make moving forward to keep you high in search results and ahead of the competition.

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SEO is crucial to the effectiveness and longevity of your business online. If you are ready to be proactive with your business’s success, march beyond your competition and be found by more customers, now is the time to hire a professional agency with over two decades of SEO and digital marketing experience.