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Advanced CMS

With our website management services you get access to the custom content management system we built from scratch. My JTech works cohesively with your site, ensuring it does everything you need it to do.

Easily manage your website

From company news postings to job openings, news products to sales, our intuitive image editor allows you to upload photos and adjust the crops to perfection.
If you have an online storefront, you can change your inventory, place items on sale, change featured items on your homepage all with just a few clicks — anything your custom website was built to do.

Your website is the hub of your digital strategy.

A place for you to manage email campaigns for your customers that perfectly match the branding of your business. Track various marketing campaigns with analytics, search advertising and search engine optimization, consistently measuring your progress.

Keep control of your personal data.

Our team can build custom tools to manage all of your data in My JTech, including integration to exchange data with your business systems such as scheduling or payroll. We encrypt all transmitted data as well as sensitive information, ensuring you and your customers’ security.
My JTech advanced CMS responsive design for mobile devices.

Built using responsive website design for performance on all devices.

All of these features are optimized for mobile devices so you can manage your site on-the-go, whether you’re using the phone you carry everywhere, the tablet you use in company meetings or your desktop.

This is what website content management should be — an interface for overseeing all of your online business needs.