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Easy for you. Better for business.

Level up your canned content management system with a My JTech management app and portal created custom for your business. From your desktop or phone, you can easily add new pages, manage content, request and approve work, assign site access levels, and much, much, more.

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A Top Notch Management App and Portal

  • Easily add and remove pages on your website
  • Automatic page formatting saves time and preserves your visual brand
  • Efficiently manage your website’s content from your phone or other mobile devices
  • Access one consistent interface, instead of using multiple controls to manage plug-ins
  • Quick access support articles and tips

Easy-To-Use Website Editing Features

  • Custom image editor: drag and drop images, automatic image resizing, and access to the built-in image crop tool.
  • Support your SEO efforts by adding important meta-data to the pages on your site
  • Easily format text, add links and insert images using our WYSIWYG editor

Custom Website User Access Levels

  • You’re in control over which team members have access to your site
  • Easily invite and remove team members
  • Custom control over which areas of your site are accessible to team members

Realtime Customer Portal

  • Efficiently request and approve changes to your website
  • Conveniently view the status of your work-orders that are in production
  • Coming soon: Online Bill Pay

Full-Service Domain Management

  • Rapidly search for new domains
  • Conveniently register new domains
  • Manage your existing domain(s)
  • Protect your domain(s) with the auto-renewal feature

Integrated Mass Mailing System

  • Quickly create branded newsletters and emails
  • Easily add and remove mailing lists
  • Built-in unsubscribe features allows you to market only to those who want to receive your emails

An Easy to Use Content Management App and Portal

We’ve designed My JTech with you in mind, creating a single interface without the use of plug-ins that saves you time and resources when editing your JTech™ website. Whether you’re in your backyard, at the office, or waiting for your turn on the ski lift — rapidly make changes to your site with a click of a button.

Ready to make your life easier? Let’s simplify the way you manage your business.