Chris Pontin

Chris Pontin

Web Systems Specialist

Chris is a multi-faceted creative professional with an interest in music, art, and code. He has over a decade of experience in commercial web design and development, having served both small to medium-sized businesses—including large-scale e-commerce operations.

Chris is a natural problem solver and is right at home sifting through the various creative and technical challenges that arise during his work as a web designer and developer. He loves to create software that is intuitive to use and feels good from a user experience (UX) perspective. 

Ultimately, Chris loves putting his creativity to work for JTech's clients, helping craft new and improved solutions and experiences to their online business needs.

Chris Pontin
  • Joined JTech2022
    • Fav. Music GenreProgressive, Experimental
    • Fav. Video GameQuake, Legend of Zelda
    • Useless TalentProfessional Armchair Hockey Coach 🏒