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Custom Sites vs. Template Sites

Stand out with a custom website
Template web design companies all follow the same philosophy; you lease their technology to deploy a predictable, pre built site. While it's nice to be on the internet, template solutions are hard to maintain, come with reoccurring costs, and are less reliable. You can think of a template site like a cookie-cutter, pre-fab home. 

In contrast, your custom website is an architected and purpose-built home. A JTech website is designed and developed from the ground up by trained web design professionals specifically for your business and your business only. Do yourself a favor and free yourself from poor web design, plugins and recurring maintenance costs.

Design & Branding

Example branding development for Sphinx Mountain Outiftting from pencil thumbnails, to roughs, to final logo execution.
Example branding development for Sphinx Mountain Outiftting from pencil thumbnails, to roughs, to final logo execution.

Custom Website: Full Branding & Design

Custom websites offer complete flexibility for design and layout, allowing your brand and services to shine. If your company needs: 

  • Logo design and branding to make your custom website memorable
  • Fresh, compelling, on-brand copy with a local tone that builds loyalty and qualifies leads 
  • An accessible custom website that makes your site useable by anyone
  • A visual design strategy specific to your target audience
  • A site built with responsive design in mind
  • Initial site SEO is an integral part of your new site
  • JTech monitors and keeps your site running on our locally hosted servers

Then custom web design is for you. We'll build you a complete visual brand identity that grows with your business.

Template Website: Limited Design Services

Template websites and even some canvas editors can help you with some, but not all, of your web design. Website builders like Wix, WordPress, and Squarespace will typically stumble into one or all of these common pitfalls:

  • Limited logo design and site customization
  • Duplicate, outsourced copy from a non-local vertical marketing company  
  • A website deployed without accessible features that make your site available to everyone
  • A lack of visual direction in your canned template 
  • Zero assistance with responsive design
  • Little to no SEO performed
  • Your template site is dumped onto a foreign host provider and you’re on your own

A template website inherently asks you to compromise on your online presence before anything else.
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Illustration: phoropter


Illustration: phoropter

Custom: Superior Performance

Custom websites are purpose-built and tested from the ground up for load speed, mobile responsiveness, and SEO.

Template: Poor Performance

WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix come with rigid templates with little attention to load speed, mobile responsiveness, and SEO. You’ll need to install plugins or pay extra to 'optimize' your site.  

  • Plugins and 3rd party themes often decrease the performance of your site
  • Template sites launch with little consideration for mobile responsiveness
  • Canned solutions often use poorly written, duplicate code
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Growth and Scalability

Custom: Flexibility

  • Custom web design can scale and evolve as a business grows
  • Add functionality, expand on topics, adjust site structure, and more
  • A custom web design firm can save you time and money by making targeted adjustments

Template: Limited Framework

  • Canned sites use rigid templates that won’t grow as your business evolves
  • You'll have a limited ability to adapt your site to your shifting needs 
  • You'll need to redesign or Frankenstein your site with plugins to add new features
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Illustration: An eagle soaring over a group of pine trees.


Illustration: A padlock and chain drapped over a computer chip

Custom: Peace of Mind

Custom, purpose-built sites work as designed without needing third-party plugins, which are vulnerable to hacking. You might want to consider getting a custom website designed by JTech because:

  • WordPress developers cease to update plugins you depend on—leaving your site open to intrusion 
  • Our in-house hosting moves your information away from over-crowded, third party hosts to a secure, locally hosted server
  • 24-hour security oversight 

All websites should be regularly maintained and hosted on a secure framework to protect your data.

Template: Security Concerns

WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace websites are not secure. However, WordPress is the worst offender. So, why isn't your WordPress site secure?

  • WordPress sites are quantifiably susceptible to hacking—nearly 90% of all hacked template sites in 2019 were built with WordPress.
  • Canned, template sites use insecure commodity hosting on shared servers
  • Lack of security oversight and accountability

Don’t let a developer you’ve never met ruin your site. Work with a trusted, local Bozeman custom web design partner to create a safe and secure solution. 
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Support & Maintenance

Custom: Ongoing Support

Your new, custom website has the collective, ongoing attention of an experienced marketing and client support team.

  • You gain a trusted partner that provides prompt and detailed support whenever you need
  • Your site will require little maintenance, reducing your overhead
  • A full service, in-house client support team with a proven track record to help you convert more leads

Template: Disappearing Support

Non-technical, template site companies pawn their projects off to third-parties

  • A company that doesn’t partner with you past development  
  • Template sites require costly updates and maintenance
  • Third-party hosts often have terrible technical assistance support—you’re on your own if something goes wrong
Illustration: Two people assisting each other up a hill
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Set Yourself Apart on the Web

Your web design is a reflection of your unique brand—make sure it's beautiful, polished, intuitive, accessible, fast, and secure. So, don't cut corners. Go with a custom web design from a Bozeman firm.