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My JTech Receives Upgraded Request Forms

By Samuel Klusmeyer - Last Updated on 05/04/2022
JTech’s web development team has steadily added features and contact methods to our user portal over the last several years. So far, we’ve added:

Each form received a new button in a location that made the most sense during creation. Now, it’s time to reimagine how you can access each form so we can offer you more comprehensive web design and digital marketing support. 

We’ve condensed all of our contact methods into a single form that allows you to submit change requests, problem reports, feedback, and general communications from a unified interface optimized for your user experience. 

Accessing The New Request Slip

You’ll notice two differences in My JTech straight away. 

  • The ‘Report a Bug’ and 'Feedback' buttons in the sidebar are gone
  • The ‘Electronic Support’ section of the Support tab’s sidebar is gone
  • The 'Change Request' form has received an upgrade

Never fear! These features are not gone, just relocated. In fact, you now have easy access to any form you want from any button in our back-end portal. 

Instead of four forms to navigate between, we now have one form with four different states. So, if you accidentally hit the ‘Give Us Feedback’ button when you meant to hit ‘Service Request,’ there's no need to exit the form you've opened. You can now toggle between them without needing to navigate away! 

Upgrades to Our Change Request Form

JTech’s new change request form helps you break your changes down into a more comprehensive list of actions. 

To use the new Change Request Form:
  1. Identify the site you would like to modify
  2. Select the page you would like to modify
  3. Describe the changes you would like in the text field and upload any relevant documents, pictures, etc. 
  4. Add a new section and repeat steps 2 - 3 to request changes for additional pages

Once your request is submitted, we’ll touch back in around a week with an estimated scope of work!

We’re excited about this improvement to your change request form, and we hope you find it as useful as we do! You can try the new change request form in the My JTech management app and portal for your account.

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