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Venture West Development Launches New Developer Website

by Samuel Klusmeyer & Bryndis Lisser - December 14, 2022
Venture West Development (VMD) hired us to develop an investor-focused website.

Venture West Development is a large-scale developer in the Gallatin Valley. Todd Waller, Venture West Development's founder, has led many successful real estate projects. VWD uses responsible development to build turn-key homes in complete communities.

VWD makes room for businesses to create a more usable space for new residents. No matter what, they hope to make future homeowners' lives easier and more efficient. According to Waller, Venture West Development aims to:

"build a long-lasting product that adds value for future generations after [we're] gone."

Venture West Development needed a developer website. They wanted to appeal to potential clients and development partners at the same time.

Striking a Balance With New Website Design

Venture West Development's New Portfolio Page
Venture West Development's New Portfolio Page
Our website design team worked with VWD and Breneman Creative Goods to create a website with an:

  • Eye-catching aesthetic
  • In-depth real estate portfolio pieces
  • Mission-driven content.

VWD now has an appealing real estate development website design. Their new site appeals to investors with an authentic, infectious passion for Bozeman. 

In-Depth Developer Website Portfolio Entries

Venture West Development's real-estate portfolio is impressive. They needed a website structured to display their developments in the best light.

Our website development team also created a landing page system for VWD. Now, they can use landing pages to advertise individual properties in depth. 

The Jackrabbit Crossing Portfolio Landing PageEach portfolio landing page includes the options for:

  • An image gallery
  • Embedded video
  • Custom CTA buttons
  • Pre-formatted, dynamic sections that always look good
The Jackrabbit Crossing Portfolio Landing Page
The Jackrabbit Crossing Portfolio Landing Page

If you want to create a website like VWD, reach out to our web design team!

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