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Eastman Law Makes Their Case With Legal Website Design

By Samuel Klusmeyer & Bryn Lisser - Last Updated on 01/03/2024
Our website development team recently designed a legal website for Eastman Law Office, a local felony defense & trial experience-focused legal firm. They needed a website that could help them show off their expertise and reach a larger audience. 

So, their new website needed to:

  • Present Their Team as the Experts They Are
  • Drive New Clients to Convert
  • Appear in Searches By Their Target Audience

After the initial discovery meeting, our website designers and marketers got to work on an authoritative site.

Making an Argument for Eastman Law's Expertise

The Eastman Law Office team is made up of veterans of Montana's legal system. This includes cases that require a death penalty certification. We needed to create a visual brand that reflected their extensive experience. 

The Eastman Law Office Case Studies Page
The Eastman Law Office Case Studies Page
As a result, Eastman Law's website includes several key features:

  • Case Studies, Practice Areas, and About pages, all devoted to establishing their expertise 
  • A layout that effectively displays their experience clearly and concisely 
  • A color palette reminiscent of paper and the covers of dark green, legal books

Eastman Law's new pages, information architecture, and colors present them as experts at a glance. When combined with website copy that details their accomplishments and services, Eastman Law has a winning combination for their business. 
The Eastman Law Areas of Practice Page
The Eastman Law Areas of Practice Page

Building a Website Made to Drive Business

When Eastman Law Office first reached out to our team, they wanted both website design and SEO. We prepared their website for search optimization in the following ways:

  • Our search marketing team optimized their new website with targeted keywords
  • Our web designers created an elegant, straightforward layout that would load quickly 
  • Our web developers used performant, search engine optimized code 

In other words, we build their team a solid foundation for excellent SEO performance. With regular SEO work, Eastman Law Office will begin appearing high in the search results for their target audience.  

The Eastman Law website also includes direct calls to action (CTA) throughout and a media-heavy layout. The CTAs will help their team make the best possible appeal, while the images and videos will improve overall engagement.

Finally, we helped the Eastman Law team write website copy that was clear and to the point. A content strategy that will appeal to their new clients. 

Our web design and marketing team can build you a legal website design like Eastman Law Office. We're excited to help you master your marketplace. 

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