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Zeman Building Raises the Roof with New Construction Website

By Samuel Klusmeyer & Bryn Lisser - Last Updated on 01/13/2023
Zeman Building, LLC hired our website design team to upgrade its construction website.

Zeman Building, LLC is a Livingston, MT, construction firm. Their team loves building custom homes in Montana's Park and Gallatin Counties. They offer customers excellent craftsmanship, rigorous attention to detail, and a transparent build. Many of their homes will be well-loved by families for generations to come.

Zeman Building's current Google Site wasn't doing enough to educate and convert customers. They also wanted a site that allowed them to display their past work in a pleasing way.

Refreshing Zeman Building's Construction Website

Zeman Building, LLC's Process Explanation on Their Home Page
Zeman Building, LLC's Process Explanation on Their Home Page
Google's site builder limited Zeman Building, LLC. Currently, Google Sites only allow users to:

  • Edit to a short statement
  • Upload photos
  • Feature recent Google Business Profile (GBP) posts
  • Change business contact information

In short, Zeman Building, LLC's old Google site wasn't cutting it. Our work during their website refresh helped them offer homeowners more.

We built Zeman Building a construction website that connects with their target audience. Our design and copy introduce their mission and past work in a sleek and welcoming way.

Attracting New Construction Customers

Zeman Building, LLC's New Portfolio
Zeman Building, LLC's New Portfolio
Zeman Building, LLC's new portfolio page offers their team three key benefits:

  • An attractive list of portfolio homes
  • Image galleries for every portfolio entry
  • A dedicated space to describe each portfolio entry

In short, their new portfolio allows them to attract new clients easier than ever.

Our web design team can't wait to see how Zeman Building, LLC will use its new construction website.

Reach out if you would like a construction website like Zeman Building, LLC. We're excited to begin working with new lifelong partners in business.
Samuel Klusmeyer: Content Specialist

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Samuel Klusmeyer is a content marketing professional with 6+ years of experience writing helpful, search-optimized content that converts. Sam helps clients optimize their website copy or write new copy that speaks directly to their target audience. He leads JTech's internal content marketing efforts — including emails, social media accounts, and E-E-A-T-optimized website articles. 

Bryn Lisser: Digital Marketer

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Bryndis Lisser is a digital marketer with 2+ years of experience creating holistic SEO, PPC, and social media strategies that help her clients grow. Her in-depth research and thorough strategies have led to lasting success for the businesses that JTech serves. 

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