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The Stafford Animal Shelter Homepage

Stafford Launches a Redesigned Animal Shelter Website

By Samuel Klusmeyer & Bryn Lisser - Last Updated on 03/10/2023
Our website design team worked with the Stafford Animal Shelter on their website refresh.

The Stafford Animal Shelter is Park County's no-kill animal shelter. Their animals are always happy & cared for—showing their staff's exceptional care. Their mission statement drives their team. 

"The Stafford Animal Shelter prevents animal distress by caring for displaced animals, facilitating adoptions and reunions, minimizing pet overpopulation and pioneering humane education & community outreach."

In 2021 alone, the Stafford Animal Shelter helped close to 1000 animals

Several of our employees have adopted animals from Stafford. So, our business can attest to the incredible way that Stafford does business. Our web design team is happy to have helped Stafford leave behind their old and broken WordPress site.

Donating an Animal Shelter Website

We Helped Stafford Condense All Adoption Links, Surrender, Donation, and Lost and Found Details Onto a Single Page—Removing A Need for Their Previous Four.
We Helped Stafford Condense All Adoption Links, Surrender, Donation, and Lost and Found Details Onto a Single Page—Removing A Need for Their Previous Four.
The Stafford Animal Shelter used to rely on its legacy WordPress website. Their old site was difficult-to-edit and suffered from page creep. 

In short, their website was no longer working for them. They needed a new solution to continue providing Park County with excellent care. Our web design team stepped in to donate a new website that would give them a more elegant solution.

To give a short example of our work, our web design team helped Stafford condense:

  • Adoption information
  • Surrender information
  • Donation information
  • Lost and found information

Onto a single page—removing a need for their previous four.

We also developed a new branded color palette and streamlined copy with their team. Now, their web design and messaging is more charming, performant, and refined than ever before.

What Stafford Animal Shelter's New Website Means for the Future

We're proud to say that Stafford's animal shelter website is now a better platform to display adoptable dogs, cats, and zoo animals. Their new web design presents their information in a clear and concise way. 

We're also excited that the Stafford Animal Shelter's new website was ready to launch alongside their flood repairs.

If the new Stafford site is an inspiration, we can help you master your marketplace with a similar website.
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