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Shipton's Big R Launches Refreshed eCommerce Website

By Samuel Klusmeyer & Bryn Lisser - Last Updated on 03/27/2023
Shipton's Big R has worked with JTech's eCommerce website design team for years. We helped Shipton's Big R launch their first website design in 2015. Then, in 2019 we helped them refresh their original design. Now, our design team is proud to say that Shipton's Big R has trusted our team with their third website refresh.

Shipton's Big R's eCommerce team wanted to update four aspects of their online store. We updated their:

  • Design aesthetic
  • Product filtering system
  • Top navigation
  • Back-end product management tools

eCommerce Website Development That Improves The User Experience

The New Shipton's Big R Navigation on Mobile
The New Shipton's Big R Navigation on Mobile
Shipton's Big R's new eCommerce site improves the shopping and website management experience. Their top navigation now mirrors retailers like Murdochs—matching the industry standard.

We also worked with Shipton's Big R to improve the experience for their target audience. Now, their new website includes improved product filtering and more descriptive product pages.

Finally, our development team built Shipton's a custom admin user portal. Shipton's new portal puts the most critical product, sale, and navigation editing tools into one location. Shipton's Big R's eCommerce platform is now easier to edit than ever.

The New Shipton's Big R Navigation on Desktop
The New Shipton's Big R Navigation on Desktop

We're Excited to Continue Working With Shipton's Big R into the Future

We're honored that Shipton's Big R trusts our team to refresh their website time and time again. We look forward to helping them improve their eCommerce tools in the future. To learn more about how far their website has come, read our original launch post.

JTech Communications is a full-service digital marketing and eCommerce website development company. If Shipton's Big R's website refresh inspires you, don't hesitate to reach out to our designers. We would love to help you add eCommerce to your website or build a new eCommerce website from scratch.

Our website design team is ready to help you master your marketplace.
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