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SensorLogic's New Home Page

SensorLogic Launches Website Fresher Than New Fallen Snow

by Samuel Klusmeyer - January 31, 2022
SensorLogic's SWEdar Sensor Case Study of Bridger Bowl
SensorLogic's SWEdar Sensor Case Study of Bridger Bowl
SensorLogic—a sensor company based in Bozeman, MT—has been creating sensing solutions that deliver actionable data since 2006.

SensorLogic made waves with a revolutionary remote snowpack measuring sensor installed at ski resorts like Bridger bowl. Now, SensorLogic has been experiencing solid growth over the past few years. They've worked to keep pace by expanding their facility, capacity and technical expertise. Today SensorLogic works for everyone from Fortune 500 companies to smaller start ups.

The Motivation Behind SensorLogic's Web Design Upgrade

The SensorLogic team's ability and business have grown steadily over the past several years. Now, they've upgraded their facility for better production and they're working on a path for future growth.

SensorLogic's plan includes a website redesign that could keep up with—or speed up—their growth.

So, the SensorLogic team has discarded their old WordPress website in favor of a high-quality, custom solution from JTech's web design team. When we initially talked with the SensorLogic team, they felt very strongly about working with a local company—even though they are a national brand.

Our team of local, professional designers and developers built SensorLogic a new website that upgrades performance and integrates powerful on-page and technical SEO features. Better yet, their new website will be more secure and stable than their older WordPress solution.
SensorLogic's New Product Page
SensorLogic's New Product Page

The Reason Why Custom Sites Are More Secure

WordPress sites experienced more than 90% of all cyber attacks during 2019.

Why are WordPress sites so vulnerable to hackers?

Three reasons, WordPress sites need third-party plugins to function, are hosted on shared servers and suffer from a lack of security oversight.

If a hacker exploits an out-of-date plugin, all sites on that server are now at risk—with no one the wiser.
Custom sites are often much safer. Custom code from JTech runs:
  • Without plugins
  • Securely on our in-house servers
  • With constant security oversight

This security gives SensorLogic's team the confidence they need to expand their business.

We're Excited to See How SensorLogic Grows Next

SensorLogic's new site will allow them to drive traffic to their online store well into the future. We couldn't be more thrilled to help the SensorLogic team take their next steps with our web page designs and search engine optimization. 

If you want a custom website designed for your growing business, schedule a consultation with us, and let's talk about it!

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