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SensorLogic's New Home Page

SensorLogic Launches Website Design Fresher Than New Snow

By Samuel Klusmeyer - Last Updated on 01/31/2022
SensorLogic's SWEdar Sensor Case Study of Bridger Bowl
SensorLogic's SWEdar Sensor Case Study of Bridger Bowl
SensorLogic—a sensor company based in Bozeman, MT—hired us to design a new marketing website.

SensorLogic has been creating sensing solutions that deliver actionable data since 2006. They launched with a revolutionary remote snowpack measurement sensor. Their first customers were resorts like Bridger Bowl.
Now, SensorLogic has been experiencing solid growth over the past few years. They've worked to keep pace by expanding their facility, capacity and technical expertise. Today SensorLogic provides sensors for everyone from Fortune 500 companies to smaller start-ups.

SensorLogic honored us when they chose our team. They wanted to work with a local company—even though they are a national brand. They needed a refreshed website to help them enter the next stage of their business.

The Motivation Behind SensorLogic's Web Design Upgrade

The SensorLogic team's ability and business have grown at a steady rate. Now, they're prepping for future growth with upgrades to their facility and marketing.

SensorLogic's digital marketing strategy included a website refresh. Their new website needed to up with—or speed up—their growth.

Our web designers created a custom site that outperforms their WordPress template site. We designed a more performant, modern marketing website with powerful SEO features. The website we built for Sensor Logic is a reliable replacement for their old WordPress site.
SensorLogic's New Product Page
SensorLogic's New Product Page

The Reason Why Custom Sites Are More Secure

WordPress sites experienced more than 90% of all cyber attacks during 2019. Why are WordPress sites so vulnerable to hackers?

Three reasons, WordPress sites:

  • Need third-party plugins to function
  • Are often hosted on shared servers
  • Have little dedicated security oversight

Out-of-date plugins are the perfect target for a hacker to exploit. Any site on the same shared server is at risk—with no one the wiser.

In contrast, custom sites are often much safer. Custom code from our website design team runs:

  • Without plugins
  • On secure, dedicated local servers
  • With constant security oversight

This security gives SensorLogic's team the confidence they need to expand their business.

We're Excited to See How SensorLogic Grows Next

SensorLogic's new site gives them an efficient way to drive traffic to their online store. We couldn't be more thrilled to help them take their next steps with our web page designs and SEO. 

If you want to refresh your website design, schedule a consultation with us. Let's talk about how you want to grow!

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