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Svalinn Launches New Website Design To Promote Their Loving Protection Dogs

By Chris Hill - Last Updated on 04/15/2021
Our website design team built a doggone beautiful site for Svalinn and Kim Greene, owner. Svalinn needed to refresh its old website, which had become unwieldy and hard to edit.

Svalinn provides vigilant, world-class protection dogs that go through intensive training. Still, their reputation for protection can be deceptive.

Svalinn trains protective companions, not vicious guard dogs. Yes, they can be aggressive when defending their humans. That's the point. Svalinn trains dogs that devote themselves to their people. They serve as loving protectors and effective threat deterrents.

In short, Svalinn's pups make perfect family animals.

Our designers worked with Svalinn's team to uncover the key points of their refresh. Svalinn had several notable goals for their refresh, they needed to:

  1. Make their already strong visual brand more visible on their website.
  2. Create a more flexible, performant website.
  3. Create a more eye-catching design.
  4. Add more individual information about each litter of puppies.
  5. Make key pages easier to access.
  6. Clarify their process.

Two dogs from Svalinn's Latest Litter
Two dogs from Svalinn's Latest Litter
After our strategy meeting, our digital marketers researched their competitors and core keywords. Our digital marketing research will help set them up for success within their market.

While our marketing team got to work, the web design team got to work refreshing Svalinn's old site.

We created a site that showed off their dogs, brand, services, history, and lifetime service. We also streamlined their top navigation—making key pages easier to find. Finally, our designers used bolder branding to integrate their logo, color, and tone. This design treatment created a more cohesive, consistent, and marketable look.

Our team was also excited to use Svalinn's incredible photography. Their team had photographed everything from their facilities to their dogs in action. Our developers used Svalinn's photography to ground their site's design in reality.

Short Dog Details
Short Dog Details
Svalinn's customers are also always eager to see the available dogs. So, we designed a gallery that Svalinn uses to show off their current dogs. This gallery features specific details like name, breed, weight, height, and litter. 

Finally, our website design team created several custom graphics that detailed their process. We also created graphics to showcase the different dogs in Svalinn's special breed. These illustrations help clarify exactly how Svalinn serves its customers.

"JTech was extremely responsive to our needs and helped guide us when we weren't sure where exactly we were venturing with different ideas. 
We liked our original site and routinely got a lot of praise on it. However, we knew we needed a refresh and weren't sure how to balance the positive feedback of the previous site with creating a new site altogether. JTech did an excellent job of researching our industry and identifying needs that weren't being filled. The site that they created is the perfect mix of the positive attributes of our old site while guiding customers to the proper answers to their questions. There is a level of patterned flow and actionable steps for prospective customers to make that our previous site lacked. 
Working with the team at JTech was nothing but professional and realistic, both of which we appreciated. They were honest about what was possible, what would take longer than expected, and what some core needs were. They always answered our questions with understanding, no matter how technologically illiterate they may have been on our end. The patience they expressed was greatly appreciated." 

- Svalinn

Our website design team had a wonderful time working with Svalinn. Their refreshed website design is highly-performant, beautiful, easy to use, and information-rich.

Like Svalinn, we produce high-quality products tailored to our clients. If you're ready to take your website design to the next level, reach out to us for a free consultation. 

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