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Two Rivers Ranch Launches a Dog-Gone Cute Corgi Website

By Samuel Klusmeyer & Bryn Lisser - Last Updated on 01/31/2023
Our web design team recently helped Two Rivers Ranch take the next step in their business.

The team at Two Rivers Ranch raises magical, fun-loving American Corgis. They breed corgis fit for a queen. Two Rivers has grown over the years through referrals and returning customers. Now, thye're an established breeder of American Corgis.

Two Rivers recently hired our website design team in response to their growth. They asked us to build a site to showcase future litters and educate customers.

Our logo design team also worked with Two Rivers to refine their existing corgi-butt logo for use on the web.

Showcasing Their Newest Litter

Two Rivers Ranch's New Puppy Page
Two Rivers Ranch's New Puppy Page
The Two Rivers Ranch team loves working with their customers to find the best puppy for their family. Still, the introduction process between corgis and potential adopters was long. Working with customers meant calls, texts, and in-person visits from the very start. 

Two Rivers needed a way for customers to meet puppies on the website. Our web design team built a dynamic page that introduced each puppy from the newest litter. 

Two Rivers now has the perfect tool to educate new customers and introduce their puppies.

Building a Corgi Website Designed To Improve Their Business

One of the most important things for Two Rivers was improving how they spent their time. Before their site launched, Two River’s customer conversion process was time-consuming. The addition of their puppy page and contact page helps them educate customers. 

Two River’s contact form requires potential customers to define why they’re reaching out. This gives their team valuable context during the adopter-corgi pairing process.

If you want a custom-built site that helps your business operate better, reach out! We're excited to help you master your marketplace.

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