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JTech Enhances Business Security with Multi-Factor Authentication

by Sam Klusmeyer - September 8, 2022
JTech is pleased to announce the launch of multi-factor authentication (MFA) for My JTech. Think of MFA as an extra layer of assurance—like a deadbolt for your house. 

JTech's development team has implemented the most advanced type of MFA that is currently supported. Our advanced multi-factor authentication methods integrate with password managers or authenticator apps—adding security without the hassle of text messages or emails. 

MFA with modern technology is one of the best ways to protect your website and data from cyber-attacks. We recommend Enabling MFA for your My JTech user portal ASAP. 

Activating Multi-Factor Authentication Solution for My JTech

To activate MFA for your My JTech portal:

  1. Download a password manager or authenticator app
  2. Log into My JTech and access your settings
  3. Enter the MFA authentication key from My JTech into your authenticator
  4. Enter your authenticator's secret key into My JTech
  5. Save and exit to enable multi-factor authentication

For more advanced directions, log into your My JTech account and read the support article 'Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication.'

My JTech’s Seamless Integration of MFA

Adding multi-factor authentication to your My JTech portal will help you easily increase the security of your website's data. Better yet, our implementation can be linked to any password manager that supports MFA—giving you a versatile solution. 

If you don't already utilize one of the many password management systems available, learn more about the benefits and availability of authenticators here

Log in to My JTech to enable MFA or to familiarize yourself with the process. 

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