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Clark Film Buying's New Website Design Takes Center Stage

By Samuel Klusmeyer - Last Updated on 08/23/2022
Clark Film Buying worked with us to undertake a modern refresh of their film-buying web design.

Clark Film Buying, led by Ken and Codi Kruse, helps theaters across the U.S. book, schedule, and market movies. This website refresh is Clark Film Buying's third film-buying website with our team.

Codi and Ken wanted to remake their website with a modern design that appealed to cinema buffs. 

Rebranding for the Future

Clark Film Buying recently underwent a rebrand with Bozeman's Hardy Brands. Their refreshed brand exemplifies Ken and Codi's commitment to the evolution of film-buying.

Our web design team worked with their new brand guide to build a site that has evolved alongside their market. Now, Clark Film Buying's website design matches the advanced film booking tools they sell. 
Clark Film Buying's Refreshed Brand Shines Through on Their New FAQs Page
Clark Film Buying's Refreshed Brand Shines Through on Their New FAQs Page

Bringing New Technology to the Forefront

The Clark Film Buying Booking Matrix
The Clark Film Buying Booking Matrix
Clark Film Buying offers a powerful film-buying web app to their clients. Theaters can log in to Clark's app to:

  • Find studio contacts
  • Schedule film bookings
  • Download marketing materials
  • Learn about upcoming films

So, before their website refresh, our web app development team improved their film-buying tools. We added drag-and-drop functionality, streamlined information, etc.

Now, Clark Film Buying offers their theaters a web app that saves them more time and resources than ever before. 

Clark Film Buying's History With Our Development Team

Clark Film Buyings 2015 Web Site Refresh
Clark Film Buyings 2015 Web Site Refresh
Our team built Clark Film Buying's first website in the early 2000s when Codi's father, Verl, owned it. We've refreshed it several times since. Once in 2015 to update their design and mobile responsiveness, and again in 2022! 

Our web app, design, and marketing teams are beyond excited to refresh the Clark website and web app. We built Clark Film Buying's newest website design to feature:

  • Their new logo
  • Their refreshed color palette
  • Clever animations.

Now Clark Film Buying has launched a website that prepares them for the future.

Need a website design or web app like the one we've built for Clark Film Buying? Reach out to schedule a consultation and master your marketplace.
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