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Why Choose a Local SEO Company in Bozeman, MT?​

By Samuel Klusmeyer - Last Updated on 08/27/2021
Working with a local SEO company in Bozeman is critical for a Montanan-based SEO strategy. A local Montana team connects with the local community in ways other agencies can't.

A local SEO team often knows the local market better as well, helping them target better keywords. Learn more about the benefits of working with a Bozeman SEO agency below.

Finding the Best Local SEO Talent is Critical  

SEO is complex. It's a moving target that can change in drastic ways to keep up with shifting algorithms. A local SEO marketing company can make the optimization process manageable.

The best way to find local SEO talent is by searching for local SEO agencies. Local SEO agencies will always be best equipped to work with your local search algorithm. Good local SEO agencies will know how to optimize their website for search.

So, what is the difference between local and traditional SEO? We've broken down the differences between them below to help you find the right agency.

Local SEO vs. Traditional SEO: What's the Difference?

Traditional SEO is all about targeting keywords, building high-authority backlinks, and optimizing content. The more positive signals you can give to Google's search algorithm, the better.

Local SEO also relies on keywords, backlinks and optimized content. However, local SEO means optimizing for Google's local search algorithm.

Local SEO agencies use local keywords and links to key into the local algorithm. They'll also use unique local SEO tools like your Google Business Profile (GBP).

Why Hire a Team With Regional Knowledge For Local SEO?

Learning local SEO for Montana, or anywhere else, involves a steep learning curve. Our SEO professionals undergo extensive training on the current local SEO strategies. We're happy to help you rank higher in search.

Local professionals also have several unique advantages. They know how their local audiences should talk. They're also exposed to Google's local Montana algorithm every day.

The best local SEO strategies change depending on your business goals. Our local SEO team personalizes each strategy we manage for this exact reason.

A local SEO team can also help you make tried and true, basic search optimization moves. In short, an SEO agency like ours takes the guesswork out of ranking in Google.

Local SEO Requires Special Techincal SEO Tactics 

Technical SEO for local companies is all about researching Google's local search algorithm. For us, that means Bozeman, MT, and the surrounding Southwest Montana area.

Our website design team optimizes your website's code for the local market. We can help you alter the following types of information:

  • Schema markup
  • Metadata
  • Location data
  • Sitemap
Google's local algorithm prioritizes these and many more pieces of technical data.

In short, optimizing your code helps us tell Google where you're based. Good local SEO allows Google to interpret your website's content in a fast and effective way. 
all about building a knowledge base around how Google views where you live. 

For us, that means Bozeman, MT, and the surrounding Southwest Montana area.

Our website design team optimizes your website's code for the local market. Specifically, we can help you alter the parts of your website that Google's algorithm sees first. 

Optimizing your code helps us tell Google where you're based. This allows Google to interpret your website's content correctly. 

A Local SEO Company Understands Google's Location-Based Algorithm

Google decides what people are more likely to search for based on location. A solid local SEO company will use this to help you rank higher than your competition.

We've helped many companies navigate Google's local algorithm. We offer a local SEO package for this specific reason

Furthermore, a local SEO agency exists inside Google's local algorithm. So, a Bozeman SEO professional will have an easier time finding the best Montana keywords. 

A Local SEO Company is Better for Your Google Business Profile

The next puzzle a local SEO service like us can help you solve is your 'Google Business Profile’ (GBP) profile.

Your Google Business Profile is critical for local visibility. We see to many GBP accounts with one or two pictures, a single post, and then nothing. Your GBP needs proper, frequent care to appear in search results.

Our Montana SEO team understands your customers. They can carry that tone forward into your GBP posts—if needed. If you run a Montana business, you should have a Montana SEO company monitoring and growing your GBP. 

A Bozeman SEO Company Can Help You Appear on the Local Map Pack

We recommend getting into Google's local map pack. The map pack is a list of three businesses that appear a search for something like "restaurants near me.” The map pack appears during location-based searches for services. We recommend doing everything you can to appear in Google's local map pack.

Map Pack results are primarily determined by the following factors:

  • Business reviews
  • Online local presence
  • GBP activity.

The way those factors influence results also change by location and industry. Our local SEO team can help you break into your local map pack. 

A Local SEO Company is More Connected With Your Local Audience

There’s a famous expression, "It's about who you know, not what you know.” 

In Local SEO, that saying holds a lot of water. Many of the best local SEO tactics rely on connecting with your community. 

A local SEO team, like ours, can help you manage your reviews and post community-focused statements on your GBP. Network visibility to help your ranking on the local results page. 

You Need Interpersonal Relationships for Local Backlinks 

If you've been around SEO for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard about backlinks. You need backlinks to get your rankings up across the board. However, local SEO treats backlinks a little different—especially here in Montana. In local SEO, the type of site is often more important than its size. 

Still, knowing you need backlinks and actually getting them is a very different story.

Business owners may be hard to get in touch with unless you can talk with them in person. A local Bozeman marketing team knows how to get in touch with local business owners.

A Local Marketing Team Speaks With a Local Voice

Google, and your customers, look for hints that your business is actually local. We help our customers update their sites, GBP posts and local keywords to help Google identify their correct location. 

The more genuine local content you have, the better you'll do. Google, and your customers, will know if an out-of-towner is faking your content. Frequent updates with local content also tell Google your business is doing well. 

Think of GBP content like a small-scale blog. The more active you are—within reason—the more likely you are to rank. 

Our Bozeman marketing team has several experienced creatives on staff that you can book for photos and videos. We also have several writers that specialize in content with an authentic Montana voice. That type of content is hard to find anywhere else.

A Local Team Is Better at Reputation Management   

Like we stated earlier, reviews are a large part of a GBP's visibility on the search engine results page (SERP). 

One of our digital marketing specialties is reputation management. That means getting reviews, keeping reviews, and getting terrible reviews removed. 

There’s one very good reason for using a local team for reputation management. A Montanan won't care what a Californian or a New Yorker says about their review. They will care if the person reaching out also happens to be their neighbor.

Why Are We The Best Local SEO Agency for You?

We're confident that our local SEO team is the best option for your business—obviously. However, we base our confidence on tangible facts. So, here are three reasons to consider our Montana SEO company's team.

1. We Don’t Outsource Your SEO

Many web and SEO professionals will host your site on WordPress and use plug-ins to automate SEO. These tools often don't work as well as they could. Plugins also go out of date fast, leaving you with a fragile solution. 

Download this free Chrome plug-in and test other sites to see what we're talking about. You'll see spotty optimization in descriptions and meta tags—if they even exist. 

We built our sites from the ground up to be perfect for SEO. You can also hire our local SEO marketing team for an existing website. We'll optimize your site using the most reliable methods possible.

2. We Care About Educating You

We are always educating ourselves on the latest and greatest in local SEO. We also enjoy passing that information on to you in the form of GMB and traditional SEO-based tips. This blog is a prime example.

You can subscribe using the form below for regular updates.

3. We’re Local to Bozeman, So We’re Accessible

Want to meet the team that's optimizing your local SEO? Our office is right behind the Public Library and across from Peets Hill.

We recommend grabbing a pastry and a coffee from the incredible Vienne down the street after we’ve had a chance to meet.

Reach out to our local Bozeman SEO team to improve your search visibility. Use our schedule consultation form or stop by 201 S Wallace, Unit A6! We're excited to hear about your business.
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