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25% off select digital marketing & design services

JTech Celebrates 25 Years by Offering 25% Off Select Design and Marketing Services

By Samuel Klusmeyer - Last Updated on 07/06/2022
JTech has been riding World Wide Web's sunbeams since the first rays peaked over the horizon in the early 90s. Even before JTech was building custom website designs, our employees were tinkering with Macintoshes, wiring radios, designing billboards, running marketing campaigns, and basking in the dim green glow of text editors. 

Our team was (and continues to be) full of people who live for the intersection of tech and marketing—just because we love it. We have many ways to justify our passions, but… really? We're just a group of people ecstatic to do what we love for over a quarter of a decade!

25% Off for Our 25th Year

To celebrate our 25th year, JTech is offering 25% off of select design and marketing services from now through the month of August.

So, if you're looking for:
  • SEO Services
  • Marketing Research
  • PPC Management
  • New Design for Your Letterhead and Business Cards
  • Logo Design
  • Professional Headshots

Reach out! We're hoping to partner with many more clients over the coming year—helping our friends in Bozeman, Livingston, Billings, Butte, and Southwest Montana grow with Montana's market. 

We Invite You to Celebrate With Us

Reach out for select design & marketing services during July and August and receive 25% off

We’re excited to continue working with Montana’s incredible businesses for another 25 years!

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Samuel Klusmeyer is a content marketing professional with 6+ years of experience writing helpful, search-optimized content that converts. Sam helps clients optimize their website copy or write new copy that speaks directly to their target audience. He leads JTech's internal content marketing efforts — including emails, social media accounts, and E-E-A-T-optimized website articles.