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Search Engine Marketing to Improve Search Visibility

By Joshua Reynolds - Last Updated on 11/30/2013
SEO helps your site make a splash in search results. (Photo © Felix Wolfstrom)
Organic search results.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art and science of improving a site’s visibility in natural search results – the rankings on Google, Bing or Yahoo not represented by paid advertisements.

SEO is a cornerstone of internet marketing and digital strategy — making sure that the people who are actively looking for your products and services find your business. Without search engine optimization or some amount of advertising, it has become difficult to effectively reach your audience online. JTech offers search engine optimization as part of our comprehensive digital strategy services.

Our search engine optimization service comes in two parts: on-page and off-page optimization. Both of these are informed by research into your target markets, key phrases used by your prospective demographics, and online competitors to your business.

On-page optimization is confined to your business’s website: finessing the site’s content and code so that it is easily indexed by search engines and editing content so that it is easily found by prospective customers searching within your market.

Off-page optimization has a much larger scope: It encompasses all methods of improving search visibility that are not addressed on the website itself. We’ll go into depth with the possibilities offered by off-page optimization in next month’s issue of the Dispatch.

Both forms of optimization are critical pieces of helping your business’s website rank well in natural search results. Our optimization service is a tool to ensure that your site is visible and relevant to those who should be finding it. Call us or email us today if you’d like our help optimizing your company’s site.
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G Bar M's New Website
This month, we’re proud to share a new website with you: G Bar M, a working ranch tucked away in Montana’s Bridger Mountains. G Bar M is an agritourism destination, inviting guests to join them on horseback, checking the fences and herding cattle. Food from their kitchen is all grown within reach, including beef, pork, eggs, and vegetables all from the ranch — food that was never shipped on a truck before making it into the kitchen.

The new G Bar M website features immersive photography, warm colors and textures from the ranch, and a beautiful video taken at G Bar M. Prospective guests can make reservations at G Bar M, view the gallery, and learn more about life on the ranch. The website looks great whether your screen is large or small. Head on down to their website and pay them a visit:


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