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Project Overview

Svalinn hired our website design team to refresh their aging website. Svalinn's old website was difficult to edit, cluttered, and lacked thorough branding. 

Svalinn’s elite protection dog program started in Kenya. Kim Greene, the founder, saw the need for personal and family protection. So, she assembled a team of protection and threat assessment experts to help her train a litter of incredible dogs. Greene's dogs are often thought of as 'loving protectors.' They're trained both as fierce guardians and loving family members. 

Svalinn needed our help clarifying their story by reducing page creep and by improving their branding. 

Svalinn Homepage

What We Did

Svalinn Homepage
About Svalinn

What We Did

Our website refresh team focused on one primary aspect of Svalinn's web design. The dogs! We used Svalinn's incredible dogs to tell their story by:

  • Adding a photo carousel for their best puppy photos
  • Adding dog-specific website bios
  • Re-focusing their content on their protection dogs
  • Adding a FAQs page and selection process graphic 

We also incorporated Svalinn's iconic Celtic knot logo into the background of their site pages for an additional branding flair.  

Now Svalinn's customers understand the training and adoption process better than ever. 
K9 Selection
Svalinn FAQs Page
Svalinn FAQs Page


We're proud to say that Svalinn's website refresh is a rousing success. 

Their new website has increased consumer knowledge and understanding of their brand. Through the website, Svalinn can inform clients in a more comprehensive manner before they even walk through the door.

Tom, a protection dog owner, states the following about Svalinn's new, clarified process, 
“The Svalinn process in our experience was all about fit – fit of you with the dog and vice versa. The Svalinn process is very thoughtful, it starts with familiarization with the Svalinn philosophy, then moves to experiencing the capability of the dogs.”

Let's work together.