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Silver Screen Insider Launches Refreshed Website and New Features

By Chris Hill - Last Updated on 02/18/2021
We recently refreshed Silver Screen Insider's (SSI) website. SSI is the premier resource for theater owners, managers, and movie buffs—period. They give readers powerful tools and resources to help them stay current on movie trends.

We built SSI a comprehensive set of tools that includes the following:

  • A comprehensive movie database
  • A box office results board
  • A podcast hosting system
  • A weekly newsletter template

These tools, and many more, help SSI keep its fingers on the pulse of the movie industry.

Our website design team developed the first version of SSI’s website. When SSI owner Codi Kruse was ready to refresh it, she decided to work with us again. We started brainstorming ways to better serve her business immediately.

We also partnered with Armstrong Marketing Solutions, now Hardy Brands, to develop a new brand. Hardy Brands returned with a new brand book and a new design concept for their refreshed site.In the end, we improved their brand in several ways:

  1. We refreshed their site with a modern design that is clean and bright.
  2. We also reimagined SSI's popular Movie Database with powerful search features. Now, movie buffs can analyze movie data easier than ever.
  3. We added a new interactive movie performance graph to their Box Office Trends page.
  4. We redesigned Silver Screen Insider's existing newsletters for clarity and a dynamic presentation.
  5. We added new management tools and business automation features to mitigate tedious tasks. Billing reminders are now autogenerated and emailed to subscribers.

SSI's enhanced management and admin tools make updating accounts easy. Now, Codi and her team have more time to focus on other areas of the business. 

"I loved working with JTech! I have done projects with them in the past, and every time has been a wonderful experience, but this time was amazing. They had a whole team of people addressing every aspect of my project. The process was incredibly easy and smooth from planning to development to implementation. The best part of working with the team at JTech, other than the personal service I received, is that they are so knowledgeable about the latest features and innovations that can enhance the quality of your site, which results in longevity for your investment.” - Codi Kruse, Owner

Like Silver Screen Insider, we love movies, and it was exciting to work on overhauling their site. We want to hear from you if you need a custom website or want to refresh your current site. We have great website packages that can help your business succeed online. Learn more about them here and schedule a free consultation with us.

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