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SEO for Shipton's Big R

Project Overview

Shipton's Big R started working with our Montana SEO team in 2020 to promote their chain of retail stores. They began by hiring our team to increase their search visibility in Billings. In time, we created a local SEO strategy that works for all four towns with physical retail stores. 

Shipton's Big R also needed our marketing professionals to split the focus of their SEO between their physical and online stores. So, their marketing strategy needed elements of both local and eCommerce SEO.
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What We Did

What We Did

Shipton's Big R booked an eCommerce SEO package with our team. Our marketing team works hard to achieve the best local and eCommerce SEO results. To optimize their online store and Google Business Profile (GBP) for search, our marketing team prioritized:

  • Regional, Shipton's Big R-sponsored events
  • Seasonal products
  • Large sales
  • Location-based keywords
  • GBP management for each location
  • Extensive backlink building 
  • Keyword refreshes
  • Competitor research
  • Performance-focused website improvements

Each action we take helps Shipton's Big R educate customers and promote a key part of their business. In this way, we can add value for Shipton's Big R customers — a key component in successful SEO strategies. 


SEO work by our marketing team has helped Shipton's Big R’s online store thrive. Our SEO work has increased their online visits, on average, by 29.7%  from Q1 to Q2 2020 vs Q1 to Q2 2023 (100,578 vs 123,660). They're more visible in their communities, and customers can access their products better. 

Additionally, we have helped Shipton's Big R diversify its online presence between each location. We began by improving the search performance of their Billings location. Over time, we’ve worked on establishing a presence for their stores in Hardin, Lewistown, and Sheridan. Now, their retail stores have search visibility ratings of:

  • 22.26% in Billings
  • 26.98% in Hardin 
  • 25.34% in Lewistown
  • 17.22% in Sheridan

We're proud to say that our hard work has paid off in the long-term growth of Shipton's Big R's organic traffic. Our eCommerce SEO team has built an average search visibility of 22.95% across each of their core, competitive markets.

Partnering with Shipton's Big R over the years has been our pleasure. Our digital marketing team is excited to help them continue to grow.

Let's work together.