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JTech Takes Aim at Development for a Sporting Clay Shooting Web App

By Chris Hill - Last Updated on 08/18/2020
We recently helped Score Chaser revolutionize the world of competitive clay shooting. We worked with their team to develop an advanced web app that worked offline and a comprehensive, modern brand.

Thousands of clay shooting contestants attend hundreds of yearly events across the country. Each event involves intensive management, logistics and coordination. Casey Chase, the visionary behind Score Chaser, is a long-time competitor. She wanted to create a better solution than the current, antiquated model.

Score Chaser Tournament view
Score Chaser Tournament view
Casey reached out to our web app development team for help. She asked us to develop an online membership web app. That app had to do several things, it needed to:

  • Allow organizers to upload event guidelines
  • Allow contestants to track their scores in an easy-to-use interface
  • Provide directions to the event
  • Operate on mobile devices outside of cell service
  • Accept several types of subscribed users

Our web app development team worked with Casey to develop her ideal tool. Now, members can subscribe to Score Chaser and register for events in a few simple steps. Members can also use the app to pull their NSCA ID number, select teammates and order event items—like water.

“Score Chaser has absolutely changed the way that tournament organizers interact with competitive shooters. We now have a tool that allows us to effectively communicate with tournament entrants, allows those entrants to seek out events based on criteria that they've never been able to filter before, and opens the door for future concepts so that the system can grow with the sport. We have always been limited by the tools that we use to put on these shoots and Score Chaser changes that.”
- Casey Chase

The final website and web app included several notable features. First, we built a full, hourly event schedule viewable on the site. The calendar includes text message reminders that notify shooters of event start times and changes to their schedule. This real-time information makes staying up-to-date while at an event easy.

Score Chaser rankings
Score Chaser rankings
We also built a tool that allows contestants to compare new scores against historical data. This type of historical data has not been available like this before Score Chaser's web app.

Finally, we created several powerful management features for shooting clubs. Score Chaser's new web app gives clubs the power to create and host their own tournaments.

Club owners can control every detail of their events in Score Chaser's custom web app. They control:

  • Event descriptions
  • Event location
  • Registration deadlines
  • Tournament type (i.e. state, regional, national, etc.)
  • Available event types
  • Squadding details
  • Amenity availability

Club managers can also track registrations, update the event and generate sophisticated reports.

Shooting competition
Shooting competition
We're proud to say that Score Chaser is the most powerful clay shooting event web app on the market. Managers and shooters can now keep their primary focus on the fun of a clay shooting day. We're proud that Casey chose us to create something this unique, sophisticated and user-friendly.

Do you have a great idea for your business that you want to take online? Reach out to us for a free consultation to discuss how we can help you master your marketplace.
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