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Ridgeline Aviation Flies High With Aviation Website Design

by Samuel Klusmeyer - January 11, 2023
Ridgeline Aviation is a Montana-based flight school and charter pilot service. Passengers appreciate their quality of service, expertise, and certifications. Ridgeline Aviation also employs several Pilatus PC-24 pilots—making their private charter pilots sought after.

In addition to private charters, Ridgeline Aviation partners with Purdue University to offer a top-notch flight school for pilots at any level of experience. Students receive thorough training for certification—all the way to the commercial level. 

In many ways, there's no better option for chartered flights or flight lessons in Montana.

Ridgeline Aviation needed a new website that would allow them to take reservations, modernize their look, and remedy the page creep from their old website. 

Taking Requests With a Custom Flight Charting System

JTech Communications worked with the Ridgeline team to create a booking system.

Now, charter clients can request specific dates, times, and destinations from the start. JTech is excited to see the positive effect this will have on scheduling and discovery times. 
Ridgeline Aviation's New Charter Booking Form
Ridgeline Aviation's New Charter Booking Form

Upgrading to a Modern Aviation Website Design

Ridgeline Aviations new fleet page
Ridgeline Aviations new fleet page
Ridgeline Aviations' old website was close to their ultimate vision. Unfortunately, dated Wix tech and page creep hindered their ability to make the best possible first impression. 

Ridgeline Aviation needed a site that made the quality of their services evident at a glance. 

Our website design team worked with Ridgeline Aviation to elevate and simplify their style. We're excited to see how high Ridgeline can soar using their new website design.

If you need a gorgeous, ultra-functional website like Ridgeline Aviation, our web design team will be happy to help.

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