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Real Estate Website Design for 406Dream Realty

By Samuel Klusmeyer - Last Updated on 05/10/2024
Our real estate website design team recently worked with 406Dream's real estate team to upgrade their website.

406Dream is a Bozeman real estate business driven to help the average person invest in their future by buying their dream home. When they came to us, 406Dream needed their website to do several things. It needed to provide useful tools for home buyers and it needed to offer helpful, search optimized information to their customers.

Integrating 406Dreams Real Estate Tools to Improve the Home-Buying Experience

406Dream's mortgage calculator
406Dream's mortgage calculator
406Dream needed to embed their property search and mortgage calculator tools onto the 'Buying a Home' page of their new website. 
Both tools help 406Dream answer the most critical questions their home buyers ask — what's available, and what home can I actually afford? 

Our website design team approached the layout of the 'Buying a Home' page carefully. Eventually, we came to the conclusion that the first tool users should encounter will be the mortgage calculator. This shows home buyers how much they can afford before they start looking at available homes. 

The design team positioned 406Dream's property search immediately after the mortgage calculator. This encourages home buyers to begin their property search armed with essential information — a realistic budget.

In other words, the 'Buying a Home' page guides customers to make the best decision for them — mirroring the core of 406Dream's mission. To our website design team, that's a perfect outcome. 
406Dream's property search tool
406Dream's property search tool

Creating a Real Estate Website Optimized for the Bozeman Market

406Dream's Bozeman real estate website needed to provide more than just helpful tools. Their site needed to offer genuinely helpful information about Bozeman itself — appealing to both new customers and Google's algorithm. Helpful, detailed content is a cornerstone of E-E-A-T SEO.

406Dream's FAQs page is the primary contributor to their helpful content, with the About page in a close second place. Our content team worked with 406Dream to develop questions like:

  • What's the Average Price of a Home in Bozeman, Montana?
  • Why is Bozeman so popular?
  • What are some of the best things to do in Bozeman, MT?

Each question has a high search volume and directly addresses the key concerns of 406Dream's customers. 
406Dream's real estate FAQs page
406Dream's real estate FAQs page

The About Us page offers a full breakdown of the best things to do in town with the 'Get to Know Bozeman' section.

In addition to helping 406Dream create helpful content for their website, our team added high value keywords to their site pages and metadata. 406Dream now has a website that will actually help them develop their leads into dedicated customers.

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