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Marketing Corner: Press Releases

by Joshua Reynolds - January 23, 2013
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This month’s marketing corner is concerned with an important subject: generating press and top-of-mind awareness for your company and its products or services. As business owners and managers, we want people to spend time talking about our businesses — newspaper articles, blog posts, and conversations over coffee with friends. But unless something really exciting happens, it can be difficult to get the conversation started.

We want to help you build that conversation-starter. Crafting and launching a press-release allows you to generate publicity from a broader array of sources than would be available in coverage from traditional sources such as newspapers, television and radio. A professionally-written news release published online can be automatically picked up by news services, blogs, and will generate inbound links to improve your website’s ranking in search results.

For only $500 we write, optimize and blast your press release to thousands of news outlets and private sites who carry related news across the web. And, if you want greater impact, we’ll send them every quarter for only $425 each. Contact us today and we’ll get you started.
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