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Outpost Restaurant

Project Overview

Our team created a restaurant website design for Outpost Restaurant to help their business grow. 

Outpost Restaurant is an authentic, family-run Montana eatery in West Yellowstone that's been serving amazing comfort food since 1951. Their storefront is located just two blocks from the West entrance to Yellowstone National Park. 

We needed to create a website that effectively demonstrated what they do—cook delicious meals with a uniquely Western style.
Home page

What We Did

Home page
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What We Did

Our Bozeman design team created a website that gave hungry customers the information they needed right away. We did this by:

  • Creating a responsive, customizable menu on the homepage of their website
  • Posted hours in the hero image
  • Designed a visual list of amenities—like WiFi
  • Listed their location on the home page—a feature usually reserved for the contact us page
  • Crafted a History of the local community
  • Designed stylish and eye-catching treatments for their restaurant logo
  • Created a rustic website design

Each page on the Outpost Restaurant's website is steeped in history and useful information—drawing diners in.
Tablet view
Tablet view
Tablet view


We're proud to say that the Outpost Restaurant now has a polished website that evokes their excellent service and storied past. 

We're excited to see how their restaurant will grow in the future. 

Let's work together.