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Coming Soon: My JTech

by Joshua Reynolds - May 7, 2013
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For over a year now we’ve been biting our tongues, waiting to share some exciting news with you. But now the time has finally arrived. We’re building the next generation of the Control Center — My JTech.

In My JTech, editing and publishing your website’s content is now easy on any device. The new interface utilizes the entire screen, whether it's a mobile phone or a massive desktop monitor. Expect your smartphone or tablet to work beautifully with My JTech — it has been engineered for easy updating, editing and publishing on the go.

We’ve streamlined the process of editing and publishing your website’s and content, adding power and polish to all the ways you interact with your content. We rebuilt our file and image management systems to make uploading and editing a breeze. We’ve added tools to help you maintain complicated data behind the scenes, and will be adding a Support section that shows how it all fits together. We’ll be going into all the changes in depth in our monthly newsletter, the JTech Dispatch. Watch this announcement area and please read our newsletter, the dispatch. We can’t wait to share My JTech with you.

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