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Site Launch Announcement: Montana Construction Welding and Repair

By Samuel Klusmeyer - Last Updated on 07/28/2021
Our website design team recently built Montana Construction Welding & Repair (MCWR) a new website. MCWR needed our help building a site that was both easy to find and easy to use.

The Montana Construction Welding & Repair Service Page
The Montana Construction Welding & Repair Service Page
MCWR's team provides a full range of welding services for residential and commercial projects. They're dedicated to precise, safe, reliable, and transparent repairs that exceed expectations. Tony Harris, the owner, states MCWR can tackle jobs of any size.

If you would like to know more, you can learn more about MCWR's work on the services section of their site

MCWR used to rely on word of mouth and physical marketing materials. After our initial discovery meeting, our team created a web design plan that would to step up their game.

Our goals for the Montana Construction Welding & Repair's website were: 

  1. To display a clear and concise message
  2. To help customers find them in Google's search algorithm 
  3. To design a website that would stand the test of time

Designing a Site That Was Clear and to The Point

Montana Construction Welding & Repair's new website caters to its target audience. Most contractors, homeowners, or foremen don't need a lot of information. They need the correct information. So, we designed their website with a quick turnaround in mind.

So, began by placing calls to action front and center on their home pages. We also supplemented the primary call to action with a mission statement. Next, we added information about their history above a "contact" button.

MCWR's new website design will educate, entice, and convert new clients in short order.

Optimizing Their Website Design for SEO

MCWR needed a website design that performed in Google searches and drove sales. That means they needed robust services and FAQs pages. 

Optimized FAQs and service pages are essential for displaying expertise to prospective clients. They also provide a logical place to weave in core business keywords. Each keyword we add will increase MCWR's ability to rank on the search engine results page (SERP). 

Montana Construction Welding and Repair's FAQs Page
Montana Construction Welding and Repair's FAQs Page

Creating a Website Designed to Stand the Test of Time

We created a site that used simple, clean elements, clear CTAs, and bright colors that will never let Tony down.

We also built MCWR's site to the most recent standards. This includes custom breakpoints and accessibility-focused features. Our work should ensure that MCWR's site will serve Tony far into the future.

We're always excited to work with a business like Montana Construction Welding & Repair. If you're looking for a local Montana welding company, check them out! 

If you’re looking for a modern website design that converts, get in touch!

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