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Responsive Timecards for Montana Health Network

By Joshua Reynolds - Last Updated on 01/13/2015
Bozeman, Montana: Our advanced web development team is collaborating with the Montana Health Network to create a time management web app for their staffing agency. Timecards will be integrated into their existing website and administrated through our custom content management system, My JTech. This new time management system is part of a complete site update which will incorporate responsive design for great performance on mobile devices as well as desktop systems.

Montana Health Network Timecards
Original photo by Martin Wichary, remixed by JTech Communications.

Employees of the Montana Health Network staffing agency will be able to log into the timecard system via the Montana Health Network website system and will be presented with an interface for tracking and entering their hours for payroll. On the backend, this system is fully integrated with the rest of the Montana Health Network system and incorporates integration with their accounting system.

We enjoy working with the administrative team at the Montana Health Network and love bringing new functionality to their website!

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