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Montana Health Network Opening NEMT AHEC

by Joshua Reynolds - February 3, 2015
North Eastern Montana AHEC Map

Miles City, Montana: In addition to incorporating responsive website design and a dedicated time management web app into their website, the Montana Health Network will be expanding their services to establish a strong healthcare education presence in Eastern Montana.

The Montana Health Network recently received sub-contract funding from the Montana Office of Rural Health to open the North Eastern Montana Area Health Education Center, from which they will offer on-site clinical education, mid-level health provider conferences, healthcare career education, funding for students, and more.

JTech will be building a new, dedicated section of the Montana Health Network's website to assist in their mission of recruiting, training and retaining a health professions work force committed to rural and underserved populations. We're proud to be partnering with the Montana Health Network as they show leadership addressing eastern Montana's current healthcare labor shortage.

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