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Karon Custom Built Launches Site To Showcase Custom Home Building Prowess

By Chris Hill - Last Updated on 04/06/2021
Our website design team recently built a new home on the web for Karon Custom Built. Their team needed a way to communicate the benefits of their home designs.

They use advanced technology, quality building materials, and superior construction at every step. In the end, their homes are energy-efficient, comfortable, affordable, and eco-friendly.

Karon Custom Built makes incredible passive homes for Montana. Passive homes are the next stage in home-building technology. They regulate temperature and increase air quality without the need for electricity. A passive home starts saving money and decreasing your effect on the environment.

Karon Custom Built has an excellent track record as well. They have decades of experience producing passive homes for clients across Southwest Montana. They create some of the most advanced, highly efficient homes in Montana. 

David Karon, the owner of Karon Custom Built, needed a website that would elevate his craft. Our website design team began with a thorough analysis and strategy.

We met with David to discuss his goals, branding, and current and future digital needs. Then, our digital marketing team analyzed his industry and main competitors. Their marketing research concluded when our team found the best search keywords.

Next, our website design team created a detailed wireframe. Our wireframe detailed the website's structure, specific site pages, database tables, and functionality.

Finally, our design team presented the website design. Our presentation included navigation organization, layout, branding, imagery, and copy. Once Karon approved the design, our production team began to build out Karon Custom's new site.

Our website design team uses an in-house framework to make custom sites for our customers. Our framework is plugin-free, performant, stable, secure, and SEO-friendly.

Karon now has a modern website that performs to the highest standards. Several notable features of the Karon Custom Built website are:

  • A clear presentation of Karon Custom Built's passive home-building services
  • A scrolling site interface, placing all information within easy reach
  • An eye-catching homepage
  • Strong calls to action
  • A gorgeous portfolio that highlights their previous projects with photos and information
  • A detailed FAQs page that educates on the benefits and affordability of a passive home
  • A call to action page that includes their service area outlined on a map

"Overall I am impressed with the website and services JTech created, developed, and provides. The research and marketing team did a great job educating themselves about my business niche for the website content. JTech knows how to build websites for anyone, in any industry!" 
— David Karon, Owner

Karon Custom Built is on the cutting edge of custom home building. Their passive homes serve both the homeowner and the environment. Our Bozeman website design team loved working with Karon on his site. We hope it will allow his business to create an unmistakable digital presence.

If you are in need of a new website to promote your business in a reliable way, reach out. Our website design & digital marketing teams want to hear from you! Sign up for a free consultation today.

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