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Karon Custom Built Launches New Website Showcasing Their Exceptional Craftsmanship

by Chris Hill - April 6, 2021
Imagine a home that maintains a steady inside temperature, reduces your energy bill, increases air quality, and lessens its environmental impact. These are some of the benefits of the passive homes that Karon Custom Built has decades of experience producing for their clients across Southwest Montana. Passive home building is a unique process that employs technology, quality building materials, and superior construction to achieve a home that is energy-efficient, comfortable, affordable, and ecological. It is why a passive home is considered a highly advanced and performant structure. 

When owner, David Karon, decided he needed a website that would promote his business and craft, he contacted JTech Communications to plan and develop a site that would best serve his business. We began with our strategic planning process, meeting with David to discuss his goals, branding, and current and future digital needs. JTech’s digital marketing team performed an analysis of his industry, competitors, and the search keywords that would most benefit his new site. We then created a detailed wireframe that presented the website structure, specific site pages, database tables, and functionality.

From there, JTech designed and presented David with a website mock-up where he could see the navigation structure, layout, branding, imagery, and copy. Once approved, our production team built his site on JTech’s custom development framework that ensures performance, stability, security, and search engine optimization (SEO). 

What resulted is a modern and highly performant website for Karon Custom Built that presents his advanced construction services. It is a scrollable site, so visitors can easily view all the information they need to learn more about Karon Custom Built, starting with an eye-catching homepage with strong calls-to-action. The “Services” section provides information about passive home building and custom home construction. The “Portfolio” section highlights their previous projects while providing photos and information, so visitors can see their work and have confidence about their skills. The “FAQS” page provides information to educate people about what passive home building is, its benefits, and affordability. Finally, the “Contact Us” section allows users to reach out via phone or contact form, enabling them to learn more about Karon Custom Built and discuss their project.

Overall I am impressed with the website and services JTech created, developed, and provides. The research and marketing team did a great job educating themselves about my business niche for the website content. JTech knows how to build websites for anyone, in any industry! — David Karon, Owner

Karon Custom Built is on the cutting edge of custom home building, producing passive homes that serve both the homeowner and environment. JTech was thrilled to work with David on his site and help create a digital presence that will promote his business, both now and in the future. If you are in need of a new website, we want to hear from you. Sign up for a free consultation today.

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