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JTech Offers Responsive Web Design

by Joshua Reynolds - September 17, 2013
Responsive design on an iPhone.
JTech's latest foray into cutting edge web design is responsive website design. Responsive design is a new paradigm where a single, flexible website is built to accommodate all devices — from tiny phones, to tablets, to huge desktop monitors. Rather than creating separate websites that are optimized for screens of a certain size, responsive design accommodates all sizes by creating a design that dynamically flows and resizes its contents for a legible and beautiful experience at any resolution.

The latest update to the JTech website is our first major case study for responsive design. For a detailed view of the new site, read more in the September JTech Dispatch. We've developed a new framework that provides extremely granular control over each element of the website and allows us to respond to the unique scenario in which the page is being viewed. This same granular control gives us hooks to create fluid, immersive animations and increased interaction throughout our new websites.

Talk to us today about building a website that accommodates users on any device.

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