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2014 Design Intern: Tyler Fortune

by Joshua Reynolds - January 30, 2014
Design Intern Tyler Fortune
JTech is happy to welcome our 2014 Spring Design Intern, Bozeman-native Tyler Fortune. Currently earning his Bachelor of Arts in Photography at Montana State University, Tyler has a passion for layout, unified aesthetics, and the gestalt principles of design. His expertise extends to marketing, business ethics and video production.

Tyler Fortune will be focusing on human interface design as well as collaborating with our project manager — Tyler Miller. Now that we have two Tylers on board, we’re implementing a new policy: interns will be renamed to avoid confusion. Henceforth, Tyler Fortune will be referred to simply as Fortune. As an avid musician, we anticipate that Fortune will kick out the jams when he takes a breather from learning about responsive layouts and extending our clients branding online. Welcome to the team, Fortune!

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