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Project Overview

Our website design team built a contractor website for Intermountain Drywall Inc.—a professional drywall contracting company located in Bozeman, Montana. They saw a gap in the drywall market. Their competitors either didn't have a website, or their web design didn't inspire confidence. 

We worked with Intermountain Drywall to create a website that told a complete story—helping them stand apart from the competition during the bid submission process. 

What We Did

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What We Did

Our team worked with Intermountain Drywall during their contracting website refresh in key two key ways. We improved the reliability and editability of their website and how they presented information to their future clients on their contractor website.

Technical Improvements
Our website developers worked to improve the page load speed and page structure by building a website with code that far outperforms the code powering Intermountain Drywall's old Wix site. Our development team also built their contracting website with Google's Core Web Vitals in mind—increasing the chance their site will rank in search. Finally, Intermountain Drywall gained access to My JTech, our easy-to-use management app and portal that made editing their new site a breeze.

Visual Improvements
JTech's web design team created a visually appealing contractor website. We gave Intermountain Drywall, Inc. a consistent, branded color scheme that matched their existing logo and a UX design that made navigating through drywall services and past projects a breeze.  

We also worked with Intermountain Drywall, Inc. to build a gorgeous portfolio to showcase their incredible work in a flexible way. 
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Our team is proud of the contractor website we created for Intermountain Drywall, Inc., and we're excited to see their team continue building for the future.
Russ Moore, the C.F.O. of Intermountain Drywall Inc., had this to say about their experience with JTech Communications:

Intermountain Drywall hired JTech for our website design and the final result was extraordinary. Sam was instrumental in assisting with the design and worked diligently to deliver the product exactly as we needed it. He was very attentive and knowledgeable of his craft which made him a pleasure to work with. Both Sam and Felix were patient and accommodating to all of our ideas and worked to find a way to create the site we envisioned. We are very pleased and I would not hesitate to recommend JTech for assistance with your website or software needs.
Russ Moore

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