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Health In Motion PT Upgrades Physical Therapy Website Design

By Chris Hill - Last Updated on 11/16/2020
We recently helped Health in Motion Physical Therapy refresh their physical therapy website. Health in Motion PT wanted to improve its old website in several specific ways. They wanted to reduce page creep, create a website that was easier to edit, and upgrade their design. 

Health in Motion Physical Therapy + Wellness is a Bozeman PT office with a unique approach. They tend not to focus on treating specific areas of pain. Instead, they offer a holistic approach that focuses on treating the entire body. Their approach to patient care relieves pain while healing the source.

Our team worked with Health In Motion PT to streamline their existing website. We also worked with them to develop clear language to describe their services. To do this, we made a conscious effort to talk about their services on the page. This presented their message in the easiest to understand way possible.

Afterward, our digital marketing team identified their core keywords and competitors. Our digital marketing team then used those keywords to optimize their website.

Our website design team created a scrolling website design. This choice brought every important piece of information into one central location. Their new site design is easy to navigate and helps visitors learn more about their services and treatments.

Their scrolling website design ends with a detailed consultation form. Patients can use their custom controls to choose services and describe their condition. Patients can also upload essential documents through the form's upload fields.

Health in Motion PT will then receive a detailed breakdown of each patient's replies. This helps them offer more detailed levels of care immediately.

Health in Motion PT puts people's long-term health, quality of life and independence first. Our team is proud to partner with a local company so invested in its patients. Our physical therapy website design will help them continue achieving the same for their business for years to come.

Health in Motion PT can be sure that they'll have a partner for the life of their business. We’d love to help you reach your goals online and partner with you for life. Reach out to us for a free consultation.
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