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FinEd Invests in a Custom Web App and Business Automation

By Samuel Klusmeyer - Last Updated on 03/08/2022
Our web app developers built an online store and webinar app for Financial Education, Inc. (FinEd).

Financial Education Inc. is the leader in educational webinars for banks, credit unions, and hospice workers. Their old website had begun to break, resulting in expensive repairs. Their design had also become dated. 

FinEd needed to refresh both its website and online store. They also wanted a simpler workflow, reduced fees, and a more secure webinar-sharing process. 

FinEd's new educational web app and marketplace will help them automate processes like:

  • Selling banking webinars and tokens
  • Hosting live events
  • Securing the banking webinar sharing process
  • Automating the accounting process
  • Creating custom online stores for partner associations and remarketers

FinEd's custom site will grow and evolve beside its business. 

Simplifying FinEd’s Workflow With Business Automation

Financial Education, Inc.'s New Webinar List Page.
Financial Education, Inc.'s New Webinar List Page.
FinEd wanted to create a better way for its partner associations to sell banking webinars. They also wanted to improve their ability to merchandise with sales tools and easy refunds. 

So, our web app development team built FinEd a custom admin portal. FinEd's custom portal allows them to:

  • Offer refunds
  • Generate sales reports
  • Create coupons for special events
  • Create custom online stores for partner associations
  • Set individual markup and tax rates for partner associations
  • Auto send sales and refund data to QuickBooks

FinEd's new, intuitive admin portal makes managing their business easier.

Reducing Recurring Fees With Custom Tools

Financial Education, Inc.'s New, Custom Cart & Check-Out Process On Mobile.
Financial Education, Inc.'s New, Custom Cart & Check-Out Process On Mobile.
FinEd's new custom web app eliminates the bulk of troubleshooting and fees. Now the same website and web app will handle the following webinar tasks:

  • Storage
  • Distribution
  • Sharing
  • Partner access to sales data and merchandising tools
  • User activity reporting
  • Payment processing
  • Basic accounting

We’re excited to see FinEd's team use their new business automation tools to master their marketplace. 

Streamlining FinEd’s Webinar Sharing System for Security and Ease of Use

Inter-organization webinar sharing is a core part of FinEd’s strategy. Users may share webinars, but that privilege is easy to abuse. So, they've developed very specific sharing guidelines.

Our web app team began by making FinEd's sharing process harder to exploit. Finally, our developers improved the webinar-sharing process as a whole. Now, FinEd's customers can share webinars easier than ever before.

FinEd's new website and web app are an upgrade in every possible way. We’re proud to say their team trusted our development team with their website refresh. You can see a walk-through of FinEd's new site here.

If you would like to refresh your website or build a business automation web app, reach out to our development team. We would love to meet another life-long customer. 

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