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Club Wellness Evolutions

Project Overview

Our web design team recently built Club Wellness Evolutions a new website for their business. 

Club Wellness Evolutions helps private clubs add and expand their wellness programs and facilities with competitive offerings. This helps current members access a comprehensive wellness lifestyle.

We needed to create a website that could help Club Wellness Evolutions grow. 
Home page

What We Did

Home page
Mobile view

What We Did

Our website design team built a thoroughly branded, modern site for Club Wellness Evolutions. We worked with them to create a website that:
  • Is easy to navigate
  • Highlights their expertise, offerings and the benefits of their services
  • Makes their consulting service information very visible
  • Underscores their years of experience on the About Us Page
  • Creates a scrolling website perfect for mobile responsiveness and easy information delivery
Tablet view
Tablet view
Tablet view


We're pleased to say that the new Club Wellness Evolutions website helps them appeal to customers better than they could before. Their new website is modern, professional and educational. From the branding to the content, they have a beautifully cohesive site to help them promote their business.

We're excited to see how Club Wellness Evolutions will grow in the future. 

Let's work together.