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The Childbirth Archive Launches New Landing Page Design

By Chris Hill - Last Updated on 12/17/2020
The Childbirth Archive (CA) team needed our help creating a resource for new mothers. So, we built them a new landing page to help their business grow. 

Medellee Antonioli, the CA founder, experienced the lack of resources for mothers firsthand. Before, during, and after giving birth, She found all support to be lacking.

So, Medellee set out to create a digital archive of first-hand accounts from mothers. Users can share their birth stories, providing resources and experience-based advice. This is the motivation behind The Childbirth Archive.

The CA team used software called Omeka to build a welcoming community. This database also helps span the gender data gap. Little data about childbirth trends from the mother's point of view currently exist.

The Childbirth Archive also hopes this data will be useful for future US birth research.

Still, Omeka uses a purely text-based interface. So, we helped Medellee cross the finish line with a professional landing page design. Our web design team set out to build a solution that would help them raise money and promote their mission.

Our team met with Medellee to lock in her exact design strategy. We arrived at a scrolling website design that used rich imagery, copy and calls to action to tell her story. The design we created presents The CA's mission in an appealing, easy-to-understand way. We also made a point to include lots of easy-to-access resources for epidurals, c-sections, and more.

Their landing page also includes community testimonials that describe the CA's benefits.

“Being a part of the archive offered me a chance to feel that my experience was valid and real. For me going through a traumatic experience was isolating. I felt guilt and shame anytime I spoke about it out fearing others would think I was just trying to get sympathy or attention. It was a safe place to share my experience without that weight”.
— Amity S. 

We were thrilled to work with Medellee to elevate her mission. Now she can share important stories and information with others easier than ever. We enjoyed helping her with this project, and we're excited to see how her website grows in the future.

"I am so happy with the new landing page for the Childbirth Archive created by JTech. Everyone I worked with was professional, knowledgeable, and kind. I love the end product”.
— Medellee Antonioli, Owner.

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