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Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising

By Joshua Reynolds - Last Updated on 02/21/2012
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Second in a Series: Benefits of PPC
Last month we introduced Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising, which has become a popular and cost-effective way to advertise. As mentioned in January’s JTech Dispatch, the chief benefit offered by PPC is its pricing model; until a user shows interest by clicking on the advertisement, there is no cost to the advertiser. 

Some Additional Benefits:
  • Time to Market. Advertising campaigns can be quickly planned and developed, with ads launched almost immediately. 
  • Good for small businesses. PPC advertising can put you in a solid competitive position. We can help you to hold a top ad placement without having to substantially outbid a larger national advertiser. 
  • Builds branding. We can deploy advertising that will focus on building your brand and company name.
  • Quick reaction to market conditions. A campaign can be modified at any time depending on market requirements and business goals.
  • All this makes PPC an appealing package. With careful campaign planning and management, almost any size budget can be effective in finding interested customers. 

Upcoming next month:
Part 3 of this series — PPC Campaign Management
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Control Center List View
Image Editor
JTech Webmail Client
JTech Control Center
A great website management system.
Many of you are already familiar with JTech's Control Center. For those of you who are not — and as review for those of you who are — we decided to share a few of the features we think makes it great.

Are you managing a large website? Or perhaps a smaller website? Actually, it doesn't much matter. The Control Center has dynamic sorting and searching, which means it will be easy to find and manage your website's content regardless of the site's scope. Click on a column header to sort the list by that column – click it again to re-sort in the other direction.

Want to crunch some numbers or edit your website's copy in your preferred spreadsheet application? No problem. The Control Center exports data with one click. The export button is in the upper-right of the list view, to the left of the print button.

Duplicating a record is a snap. Just click on the duplicate control on the left side of each record to bring up a copy. Make any changes you wish, then save your new record!

Our built-in image editor is fully-featured and very easy to use. When you upload a photo, the image editor automatically creates, crops, compresses and stores all different size versions required by your site. You can even preview, crop, or rotate the image until it's just right.

My personal favorite is the custom webmail built from the ground up for the Control Center. It includes all the luxuries of a fully-featured email client, such as a built-in address book, full drag-and-drop support, keyboard shortcuts, and notification sounds. Stepping away from the keyboard? As you’d expect, it has an auto-responder to use when you take the vacation you so fully deserve.

If you're not using the Control Center, give it a spin. If you're already using it — great! We wish everything could be this easy.
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HRSG Users Group
The HRSG User's Group (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) offers educational events and the HRSG Users Handbook for its 1500-plus members in 50 countries. These offerings uniquely tie together the theoretical fundamentals of steam generation with the practical, hands-on insights users need.

HRSG has been a JTech client since we built their original site 6 years ago, and we're proud to bring this beautifully redesigned and rebuilt site live for them this month.

Take a look for yourself at www.hrsgusers.org

Thank you for reading!

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