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Their Story

Pirenzia, a North Dakota-based vaccination company, needed a website design that would allow them to effectively bring their vaccine research to the market. Currently, Pirenzia is working hard to develop a vaccine for the agricultural H1N1 virus in swine. In the future, Pirenzia would also like to bring their vaccinations to the human market. 

Pirenzia needed a web development company to create a medical website design that evoked trust in both the human and agricultural markets.
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What We Did

Pirenzia Services Page
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What We Did

Medical website design is unique, JTech's website development team was able to combine attractive site design with medical sensibilities and consideration. Our team of web design wizards relished the task!

We worked with Pirenzia to develop a website design bold enough to attract attention and controlled enough to avoid overstatement. Pirenzia's final medical website mirrored many aspects commonly associated with the medical profession. 

Our designers took several website design notes from the common understanding of medicine—from blue medical gloves to the double helix central to Pirenzia's DNA shuffling vaccine development method.

We styled Pirenzia’s site with a muted powder blue color palette to evoke a medical feel and incorporated a double helix into the logo. Now whichever images and text Pirenzia chooses, they will remain solidly in a medical space. Pirenzia also took on the task of vetting their final copy against multiple professionals in their field. 
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Staff Bio


Borrowing visual cues from medicine allowed us to build an authoritative website design for Pirenzia that would enable them to reliably grow their business. 

We're incredibly pleased with the medical website design we created for Pirenzia's website and we're excited to see where Pirenzia's business will go in the future.
Brian Brandt, the CEO of Pirenzia, was very pleased with our web design & development. He had this to say about our work:

I have had JTech do two previous websites for me, and I wouldn't use anyone else. Their team is not only very professional but patient, which with web development, is a big deal. I have had a great interaction with everyone there on every project, and our vaccine company, Pirenzia, is no exception. I highly recommend them when you need a top-notch website done, with care, professionalism, and just enough patience to make sure it's done right.
Brian Brandt

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