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The Montessori Children's House Grows With JTech’s Modern Web Design

By Samuel Klusmeyer - Last Updated on 03/05/2024
Our web design team worked with the Bozeman Children's House to refresh their Montessori preschool’s aging website.

Their team of childcare professionals is entrusted with the well-being of children from 6 weeks to 3 years old. So, professional website design was a must for building trust and credibility.

The Bozeman Children's House's original website served them well for many years. Still, its design needed modernizing, and they had begun to outgrow its functionality.

Designing a Modern Preschool & Childcare Website

Preschool and childcare websites must inspire confidence. Over the years, we have found that the best way to grow trust is with clearly presented information and a clean, modern website design. This approach allows business — like Bozeman Children’s House — to communicate their value quickly and persuasively. 

During our web design process, we gained an in-depth knowledge of their business and goals for growth. 

Our website copy and design teams then worked to improve how their preschool website could appeal to Bozeman families and to new, experienced staff. Specific improvements included: 

The New Bozeman Children's Home Color Palette Can Be Clearly Seen in the First Section of Their Homepage
The New Bozeman Children's Home Color Palette Can Be Clearly Seen in the First Section of Their Homepage
Our web design team continued by crafting a modern layout that improved their old, white educational website design with strategic pops of color and a light tan background. Specifically, we used earthy greens, browns, and muted purples as accent colors to ground their website’s primarily white color palette.

The Bozeman Children's House now uses modern web design and updated copy to convey its core mission better than ever before.

Upgrading Their Preschool & Childcare Website's Functionality

As their Montessori preschool grew, hiring talented staff became increasingly important. Our website development team built the Bozeman Children's House a native, flexible hiring system that can either:

  • Accept staff applications, resumes, and cover letters through the website
  • Send applicants to offsite hiring portals

Their New Careers Page Can Adapt to Any Approach Their Team Takes
Their New Careers Page Can Adapt to Any Approach Their Team Takes
These new tools make advertising open positions and accepting applications easy. 

Before this, their team directed applicants to their hiring portal via a hyperlink in the website copy. While this did technically work, a link by itself won’t have the impact on hiring their team required. We’re confident that their website’s new careers page will help their Montessori preschool grow. 

If you're looking to refresh your website with a modern design that can help you sell your services and grow your team, we can help. Schedule a discovery meeting to modernize your website design today. 
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