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Health In Focus

Project Overview

Our team was excited to help him develop a website that combined all of Jacobus's knowledge into one attractive, easy-to-navigate location. We worked with their team to create a beautiful, informational website that displays their articles in a way that builds credibility and trust. 

Health In Focus is the culmination of Jacobus Hollewijn’s lifelong pursuit of knowledge in all things health and wellness.

What We Did

Mobile Homepage

What We Did

We developed a robust website for Health in Focus that included the ability to filter and feature their news articles. Our web development team also created several opportunities to feature content throughout Health in Motion's homepage. Namely, those opportunities are:

  • An advanced home page rotator with multiple customizable calls to action
  • Custom-designed home page sections

Next, our design team worked with Health in Motion to create a logo that balanced their commitment to both Eastern and Western medical traditions. 
Finally, JTech's team integrated with Health in Focus's podcast system—Podbean—to embed a customized podcast player into any article or piece of news.

All our logo and web design efforts will help Health in Motion direct its audience to the best information for them. 
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Health In Focus with Jacobus has found success before in communicating healthcare information through many mediums—via the radio, health journals, and podcasts. Our web development team is excited to help them communicate with their audience in a completely new medium. 

We're confident that visitors to Health In Focus's site will leave impressed by their website design's balance and credibility.

Let's work together.