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Web Support for The Association of Official Seed Analysts


Detailed Non-Profit Website Support and a Members Seedling Database

Our website support team works with the Association of Official Seed Analysts (AOSA). We help them improve and maintain their WordPress site. We also helped them create a gated seedling database.

The AOSA is a non-profit founded in 1908. They offer seed testing education and research to their U.S. and Canadian members at state, federal, and university laboratories. 

The AOSA struggled to use its WordPress non-profit website before working with our support team. They also struggled to find an acceptable solution for their searchable seedling database.
The AOSA About Us Page

What We Did

The AOSA About Us Page
The AOSA Resources

What We Did

Our work for the AOSA’s non-profit website occurred in two stages. First, we updated and tuned their existing WordPress website. That included:

  • Updating plugins
  • Fixing bugs and inter-plugin conflicts
  • Optimizing their WordPress website’s code 

Next, our web development team created a completely custom, gated seed database for their detailed seedling data. Our experienced web team:

  • Designed a database structure that translated technical data in a useful way
  • Built a custom content management system (CMS) for the AOSA seed database
  • Integrated with the user accounts on the Analyze Seeds site to hide or show when users logged in or logged out

AOSA members can now find seed testing and development data easier than ever before.
Seedling Calibration Resources
Printable Calibration Guide
Printable Calibration Guide


The Analyze Seeds website is more performant and doesn't break during routine updates. In short, our web support team ensures that Analyze Seeds has a WordPress site they can rely on.

AOSA members can now also access a wealth of information with their new seed database. 

Our website support and development services equip the AOSA with the tools they need to help North America thrive.

Let's work together.