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Their Story

Our website development team created a stylish, refreshed website for TowHaul. 

TowHaul has an unwavering dedication to meeting the needs of open-pit mines in all conditions worldwide. They serve some of the most remote areas on six continents, all from their Montana home office.

We needed to develop a website that executed TowHaul's new brand vision and content that appealed to their customers. 
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What We Did

Home page
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What We Did

Our development team worked with our longtime partner Armstrong Marketing Solutions—now Hardy Brands. We used Hardy Brand's excellent branding work to develop a site that was performant, well-branded and intuitive. The TowHaul site features rugged, high-resolution imagery while showcasing TowHaul's equipment and service offerings, expertise, parts and services.
We incorporated elements of TowHaul's business throughout their website to create a memorable experience. Those included: 

  • Grid-like technical background elements
  • A rugged typeface
  • A detailed quote request form
  • Stylized technical drawings integrated throughout the site 
  • A cost-savings calculator that presents users with an easy way to determine the benefits of TowHaul's services
  • Videos and eye-catching animations that show how their equipment works

All told, TowHaul's website is stylish and easy to use. 
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Tablet view
Tablet view


We're proud to say that TowHaul's refreshed website design is a complete overhaul in the best possible way. Their site has a modern design that includes many great features that showcase how they can benefit their customers. 

We're excited to see how TowHauls refreshed brand will help their business grow. 

Let's work together.