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Diving into Silver Screen Insider

by Mira Brody - July 26, 2016
Silver Screen Insider
“I just want to tell you both good luck. We're all counting on you.”
— Dr. Rumack, Airplane!

Silver Screen Insider is a resource for movie theater owners, industry members and avid movie buffs, providing marketing tools, gross sheet data, games and much more. These resources are meant to provide independent theater owners with the edge they need to stay successful in this competitive market.

So far, working on Silver Screen Insider has been a lot of fun for our team. In addition to a complete rebranding to reflect an ownership change in 2015, we are building an event map, a movie database with a filter system and a section for industry news and marketing materials. Membership is subscription-based, with the ability to upgrade and invite users. One of our larger projects, we are excited to work with Silver Screen Insider to build for them a truly unique web presence and bring to life a service that will no doubt serve as a strong asset to the independent theater industry.

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