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Adapting Mobile Web Usability for Ad Content Blockers

By Mira Brody - Last Updated on 10/13/2015
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Content blocking is going to substantially change the way in which we view content online. Although a lot of people have heard of and use AdBlock already, the newest iOS and OS X updates promise a staggering variety of more selective content blocking applications that will not only block ads, but prevent tracking activity and lessen the burden of heavy bandwidth and battery usage that many advertisements place on mobile devices.

Problems are created by most of these forthcoming content blockers. Not only do they block advertising that provides revenue for many sites, but they also block scripts that are necessary for a site’s essential functionality. To counter this, web developers are forced to adapt their coding techniques to maintain functionality in the face of content blockers being employed by visitors.

To address this major change in the world of website design, we have published an article with Speckyboy Design Magazine, a designer’s resource for tutorials, and insightful articles on the latest web technologies. The piece is titled “Adapting Mobile Web Usability for Ad Content Blockers” and we invite you to read it here.

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