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Spam-Blocking Upgraded

by Joshua Reynolds - August 25, 2014
We have good news for those of you who have your email managed by JTech. We've improved our spam detection, refining the algorithms we use to protect your inbox from being flooded by a barrage of useless emails. For many of you, this means that you will immediately see a reduction in spam. We're still looking at other causes of spam and considering additional measures to address them.

Blocking spam is less straightforward than it may seem: every day, our email servers block hundreds of thousands of spam messages that never make it as far as your inbox — an invisible vast majority of messages being received by our mail servers. These are the obvious spam messages — from people and organizations you've never met, often trying to harvest your personal information or incite you to purchase off-brand pharmaceuticals.

There are other categories of junk mail that we can't categorically filter: emails from friends or business contacts who've had their email address hijacked, or newsletters that you signed up for but have long-since tired of reading. We can't hit the unsubscribe button for newsletters you're weary of, but we'll keep working to ensure that only legitimate messages make it to your inbox.

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